Image of WB 28.11.2022
28 November 2022

WB 28.11.2022


In English this week the children have begun to research Pirates as part of their preparation for writing a non chronological report. The children have learnt about the text features that make up a non-chronological report and will use this knowledge next week to create their own. The…

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Image of WB 21.11.2022
21 November 2022

WB 21.11.2022

Keep staying positive Year 3, you are working so incredibly hard but keep showing your school values at all times! 

This week in English, we learned all about formal and informal language at the start of the week to help us with our diary writing. We then looked at four new sentence types from…

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14 November 2022

WB 14.11.2022


This week in English the children have continued to use the text and video clips of Peter Pan in order to help them in their learning. The children will be writing a diary entry from a character point of view, so this week have learnt all about the features of a diary. They have also…

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Image of WB 07.11.2022
7 November 2022

WB 07.11.2022

What another super week we have had this week in Turtles. It was lovely to meet your parents at parent consultations and the children completed some beautiful remembrance artwork in class during this time.

Keep up the awesome work Year 3! 

This week in English, we have delved deeper into our…

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Image of WB 31.10.2022
31 October 2022

WB 31.10.2022

We hope you have all had a lovely half term break with your family and friends! 

This week in English we have started a new text, Peter Pan! 

We are so excited to learn all about the adventures of Peter Pan and have begun learning about some of the characters in the story as we are writing a…

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Image of WB 10.10.2022
10 October 2022

WB 10.10.2022

What another brilliant week of learning we have had in Turtles class this week! 

We cannot believe that next week is our last week before half term, our first half term in Year 3 has flown by. We have really enjoyed building new relationships with your children and getting to know their unique…

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Image of WB 03.10.2022
3 October 2022

WB 03.10.2022

What another busy week the children have had in class. They have produced some excellent work and we are incredibly proud of each and every one of them!


In literacy this week the children have continued to look at the story of Baba Yaga and a range of alternative traditional tales.…

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26 September 2022

WB 26.09.2022


This week the children have been worked to develop their skills, focusing on prepositions of place, sentence openers, conjunctions and use of adverbs, alongside learning about the sequence and structure of a story. They have worked with models from the class teacher and then have used…

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Image of WB 19.09.2022
19 September 2022

WB 19.09.2022

What a brilliant start to the week we have had in Turtles!

In English, we began the week by looking at the features of a story as next week we are retelling the story of Hansel and Gretel.

We identified many features that a story must include, including a beginning, a middle and an end. We…

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Image of WB 12.09.2022
12 September 2022

WB 12.09.2022

We started this week with a fantastic lesson all about past and present progressive tense. First of all we recapped our knowledge of past and present tense and then learned all about changing the verb 'to be' to past and present progressive. We had super recall at this! After this, we were able to…

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