What another brilliant week of learning we have had in Turtles class this week! 

We cannot believe that next week is our last week before half term, our first half term in Year 3 has flown by. We have really enjoyed building new relationships with your children and getting to know their unique personalities. We are so excited for the year ahead! 

We started the week with Grammar and recapped our learning on punctuation as sometimes we forget to use even basic punctuation in our writing! We were able to recall a range of punctuation from our learning in Year 1 and Year 2 then we worked together in groups to add missing punctuation to given sentences. We were then able to link our learning to Hansel and Gretel and added the missing punctuation. 

We then moved on to learning about conjunctions and WOW! We knew so many conjunctions which enabled us to make super progress in our lesson. We looked at co-ordinating conjunctions (FANBOYS) and subordinating conjunctions (ISAWAWABUB).

In Maths this week, we started the week completing a consolidation lesson where we were crossing a 10 and a 100. We learned a new method and completed the lesson guided on whiteboards, it was great to learn a new concept! On Tuesday, we followed on with subtracting 1s across a 10. We found this a little bit tricky at first but showed determination and excellence to produce brilliant work.

Towards the end of the week the children also learnt about how to add and subtract using the column method, drawing on their component knowledge of hundreds, tens and ones. The children learnt about the importance of setting their work out correctly, as this would support them in calculating their sums and finding the correct answer. They used this method, not crossing the ones or ten boundaries, but will move onto this next week. Below is an example of how the children should set their work out. 



In History this week we learnt more about Stonehenge and how it was built, using such heavy stones and limited tools. We were fascinated about how they transported the different stone to the site where it was built. Did you know they used tree trunks as rollers? We were also mind blown that they transported the bluestones all the way from Wales! The children wrote sentences to outline  and explain the steps our ancestors took in order to build the ancient monument. These are the images we looked at and discussed below. 


In Geography we looked at how a river shapes the land. We looked at v shaped valleys, erosion and spurs! We learn that rivers do not run in a straight line, but carve a pathway through rocks and mountains. The children wrote sentences to explain how a young river shapes the language and importantly used the key vocabulary from the lesson in their sentences and verbal discussions. 

Other learning this week- Art

The children have also completed observation drawings of vegetables, thinking about colour, line and shape.