A high-quality Latin curriculum will provide pupils a solid foundation for learning further languages in Key Stage 3, in addition to enriching their current knowledge of the English language both in reading and writing. It will equip children with linguistic knowledge, cultural capital and provide purposeful links to other topics in the national curriculum to foster pupils’ curiosity and deepen their understanding of the world. 


The teaching of KS2 Latin will occur once weekly.
Latin will be planned to build on prior learning and supplement the teaching of reading and writing. Upon initial implementation of teaching of Latin at Waterside, Years 3-6 will have the same starting point on the programme of study. After the first year of implementation, Year 3 will have the same starting point (Unit 1) and Years 4-6 will continue to progress where the left off in the previous year group. This will continue until a full Year by Year group scheme of work can be applied. 
Each unit of work will be planned to build on prior learning and provide a foundation for the next unit. As an example, Unit 1 will begin with the origins of language and units will progress through to writing complex sentences and reading stories in Latin. Additionally, at the start of each lesson, prior learning will be reviewed to consolidate knowledge and commit learning to long-term memory. 


Our concepts (seen below) will be embedded across each of the units of work in our Latin curriculum linking to our schemata themes within school.

Latin Leader: Miss C Cooke

Latin Overview

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Latin Curriculum

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