Image of Week 1, Forest School
3 October 2023

Week 1, Forest School

What an amazing first session, we are all so very excited!

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Image of Exciting Emotions
27 September 2023

Exciting Emotions

Today we learned about different emotions in our story. We learned lots of new vocabulary and come up with actions and facial expressions to explain their meaning. We then thought about how Hansel and Gretel would feel at the different parts in our story ready for our re-tell next week! 

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Image of Forest school (after school)
27 September 2023

Forest school (after school)

Year three had an amazing time building on the skills they have learnt in Fridays sessions, building a pyramid with their wonderful knot tying skills , finding bugs and starting to name them - the centipedes were very fast we couldn’t catch them! Some enjoyed some observational drawing, a very…

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Image of Feature Finding
26 September 2023

Feature Finding

We were excited today to use our yellow highlighters in Writing! We were on the hunt for features we would find in a Narrative. We learned about using cliffhangers for suspense and dialogue to show what they characters were saying. After searching we made our own writing checklist which we will…

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Image of iPad Training
25 September 2023

iPad Training

We were lucky enough to have a special visitor in school to teach us how to use our iPads for learning. We used an app called KeyNote to create our own story of Hansel and Gretel using pictures, audio and text. We had SO much fun and showed our visitor what an amazing school we are! Well…

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Image of Latin Launch
21 September 2023

Latin Launch

Today we had our first Latin lesson using our textbooks. We learned how to ask somebody who they were and how to reply. We then labelled a Latin family with their names, learning that for males ‘us’ is added at the end of his name and for a female ‘a’ is added at the end of her name. 


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Image of Hundreds, Tens and Ones
20 September 2023

Hundreds, Tens and Ones

We moved onto exploring 3 digit numbers today by partitioning them into their separate parts. We looked at numbers using dienes to understand what 3 digit numbers look like before writing addition number sentences using what we found out.

For this picture it would be: 200 + 40 + 5 = 245

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Image of Democracy
6 September 2023


Today we voted for our first class text. We chose 4 different books, read the titles and blurbs and then had a post it note to vote for the one we wanted to read. We can’t wait to read Dave the Pigeon every day after our lunchtime break with Mrs Myatt :) 

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Image of Science
14 July 2023


This week in Science we conducted two experiments to explore the function of the roots and the xylem within plants. The children had a lot of fun submerging their carrots in water as well observing the role of the xylem in transporting water and nutrients to the flower and leaves changing the…

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Image of Persuasive Letter
14 July 2023

Persuasive Letter

This week in writing, we have been reading and finding features of persuasive letters ready to write our own letter next week.

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Image of Investigating Roots
13 July 2023

Investigating Roots

Today Year 3 have been investigating roots, they have started an experiment where they will watch the roots of a carrot grow over time.

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Image of RE
7 July 2023


This week, we discussed what it is like to be a Christian in Britain today. We talked about how Sunday is a day where traditionally Christians would attend a Church service and then thought about what activities we partake in on a Sunday. Some of us attend Church and some of us spend the day with…

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