This week in English the children have continued to use the text and video clips of Peter Pan in order to help them in their learning. The children will be writing a diary entry from a character point of view, so this week have learnt all about the features of a diary. They have also learnt about how a character has feelings, they have their own thoughts and how they might say something to someone else (through dialogue) and how a text or video can capture their actions. The children have also learnt about how to punctuate spoken questions and statements within their dialogue, along with using inverted commas to indicate direct speech. Here are some posters to help remind the children of where inverted commas are used to show where a character is speaking. 


This week the children have been working on their skill of being able to multiple and divide by 3, 4 and 8. They have looked at pictorial images to identify the appropriate calculation and discussed all the vocabulary that is used when thinking about the two different operations. The children learnt that division is the inverse operation to multiplication and that they can do the inverse operation to check their answers. It is really important that they learn their 3,4 and 8 times table as rapid recall as this will help them to develop fluency when grouping, sharing, identifying multiples of 3, 4 and 8 and deepen their learning further. 

In Music

In music the children learnt to listen and respond to the song 'oh when the saints coming marching in', giving their opinion and putting their own dance steps in time with the beat and pulse of the music. 


Our children this week continued to learn about ways to stay safe when on the internet and blogging. Using the online program 'Purple Mash' the children contributed to a blog set up for the class to work on and develop together. Whilst doing this, they were shown how the teacher had to approve blogs before they were published, focusing on whether the posts were relevant, appropriate and safe for others to read. The children did really well, and commented on how they use ICT and apps at home. The children blogged about their favourite Apps. This was all shared in a safe space, having used their own log in information to use the individual laptops.