We started this week with a fantastic lesson all about past and present progressive tense. First of all we recapped our knowledge of past and present tense and then learned all about changing the verb 'to be' to past and present progressive. We had super recall at this! After this, we were able to link this to our English learning and were able create some marvellous sentences all about Hansel and Gretel using the past and present progressive tense, well done Turtles!

We have also been learning to write sentences that include nouns, verbs, adjectives and noun phrases. These help us to construct a sentence and to help make our writing more interesting to the reader.

This week in Maths, we started the week recapping our misconceptions that we had from Friday's lessons about estimating numbers on a number line. We completed many tasks to secure our learning so we are now more confident in this skill. Over the week we have also been developing our knowledge of place value, looking at the value of each digit in a 2 and 3 digit number and representing the 2 and 3 digits numbers in picture form and with practical equipment. We have learnt that our numbers can be represented in pictorial, practical or abstract form. Here are some pictures to show us, using the practical equipment in lessons. 

In Science this week, we started our new topic - Animals Including Humans. We learned all about Nutrition this week and looked at the Eatwell Plate. Can you remember the five different food groups on the Eatwell Plate?

In history this week, we have used our new learning materials to help us gain key knowledge about hunter-gathers. These are our ancestors from the past who used the land to gather food and to hunt for food that lived on the land. The children learnt about how they made tools to help them find food and to kill animals for their food. The children have been gathering key knowledge not only from what they have read, but from images they have been presented with. They have been learning to develop their own sentences to show the knowledge they have gained and to sort key information into categories.

In geography the children have been continuing to develop their knowledge of how a river is formed and have linked this to learning about the great River Indus, that passes through India and Pakistan. The children have learnt about mountains and mountain ranges, streams, glaciers and tributaries. Please ask your child where the water comes from to make a river. 

Our second week of learning in Year 3- Look how hands on we were this week!