This week the children have been worked to develop their skills, focusing on prepositions of place, sentence openers, conjunctions and use of adverbs, alongside learning about the sequence and structure of a story. They have worked with models from the class teacher and then have used these skills within the context of writing sentences about Hansel and Gretel. The children have become familiar with the story even more this week and have been set the task of pulling all of these skills together, as they write the middle part of the story, from a given opening. The children's writing is developing nicely. However, we do encourage all children to ensure they are working on their spellings and handwriting at home, as this will help them to develop their fluency when writing. We all know their is a lot of skills involved inwriting, therefore it important that they regularly work on spellings at home. These are also displayed around the classroom throughout the week for them to use, along with the spelling of many other key words. Here are a few pictures below of the key skills the children have been using in their sentences this week. If you wish to work on them at home, then refer to these materials.


In maths this week, the children have been furthering their place value knowledge in relation to comparing and ordering numbers. They have then started to look at the pattern and relationship between number bonds within 10 and how this relates to adding and subtracting 10's and 100. Here are some slides from this weeks learning to show you what the children have had modelled to them. 


In history this week the children have been learning about Skara Bra, which is a village on the Orkney Islands, north of Scotland. This village dates back to the 'Stone Age' and is important because the houses that remind there and are built of stone, tells us about how our ancestors lived over 5000 years ago. The children have learnt how their houses were built and have labelled images of the houses that have been found there.

In Geography this week, we began to learn about the Water Cycle! We looked at the 6 different stages of the water cycle and used a visual representation to help us understand the process. We learnt that the beginning of a river is called a source and we also learnt that water can change state from a liquid to a solid to a gas! We even completed some drama to show this so we can remember the different states!