Image of Telling the time
30 June 2023

Telling the time

This week in maths, we have been recapping how to tell the time. We used clocks to show different times and then solved time word problems in pairs. Telling the time is an important life skill and any practice at home would be beneficial. We have been asking children to look at the clock and tell…

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Image of Exploring Parts of the Plant
30 June 2023

Exploring Parts of the Plant

Jellyfish and turtles explored our garden spotting key parts of the plants.

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Image of Creating a group story map
30 June 2023

Creating a group story map

In our writing sessions this week, we have been planning our independent write based on our story Cliffhanger. We demonstrated excellent teamwork when we created group story maps of Tim’s experience in the obstacle race. We shared our maps and retold the story in detail. 

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Image of We love singing!
30 June 2023

We love singing!

Every Thursday we participate in our singing assembly. Year 3 are always so enthusiastic when they are singing and we have been known to be heard all around school! Well done everyone!

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Image of Evaluating simulations
20 June 2023

Evaluating simulations

In computing we have been using simulation programs to help us problem solve and evaluate our decisions. Today we were in training to become astronauts, we had to go through a series of tasks to help our comrades.

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Image of The Peloponnesian War
19 June 2023

The Peloponnesian War

This week in history we are continuing our learning on Ancient Greece. We have looked at the Peloponnesian War which happened between the Greek city-states Sparta and Athens. The war lasted for 30 years, it ended with Athens surrendering. Sparta ordered Athens to knock down their walls but the…

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Image of Plants
15 June 2023


This week in science we have started our new topic Plants. We looked at what plants need to survive and grow. We then conducted an experiment where we planted seeds, some have a lack of space to grow, lack of air or lack of light and we will continue to observe how they grow.

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Image of Lines of symmetry
15 June 2023

Lines of symmetry

Today in Maths we recapped Lines of Symmetry, we cut out different shapes to help us to decide if the shape had a vertical line of symmetry, 

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Image of Climate Zones
13 June 2023

Climate Zones

In Geography we have been learning about Climate Zones. We have learnt countries closer to the Equator their climate tends to be hot and dry compared to countries that are further away from the Equator they tend to be cold and wet. We also looked at the difference between tropical and polar…

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Image of A great day at Clip n Climb!
8 June 2023

A great day at Clip n Climb!

Year 3 visited Clip n Climb today and what a great time we had! We conquered all of the walls with many of us hitting the button at the very top! Some of us even reached number 10 on the drop slide before we slipped down into the balls at the bottom. Well done everyone! This experience will…

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Image of Indus inspired clay seals
22 May 2023

Indus inspired clay seals

This week we finished our History topic on the Indus Valley, we learnt about all the useful and decorative items the Indus people made. Using the sources as inspiration we made our own clay seals depicting animals and symbols. 

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Image of Hockey game
19 May 2023

Hockey game

In hockey this week Year 3, worked on their ball control and then finished the lesson with a hockey match.

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