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3 October 2022


We have completed another super week in our first Autumn term. Lots of fantastic learning has taken place, take a look below to see what we have been learning about this week.


In Grammar this week we have focused on different sentence types. We have learnt about 4 different types of…

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26 September 2022


Another week has passed and we have had a jam packed week full of fabulous learning and Autumn has certainly arrived with temperatures dropping! Take a look below to find out what we have been learning and to see some examples of our super work.


In Grammar this week we focused on…

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19 September 2022


It has been another busy week in Y4 Manatees. Despite it only been a four day week, we have still completed lots of fantastic learning. Take a look below at what we have learnt about this week.


This week in Grammar we focused on using different sentence openers to avoid repetition…

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12 September 2022

WC 12.09.22

It has been a super first full week of our Autumn term in Y4. We have completed lots of fantastic learning and I have been really impressed with the way in which Y4 have tackled their new curriculum. Well done Y4 Manatees!

This week we have looked further at our new class text entitled 'The…

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