Another week has passed and we have had a jam packed week full of fabulous learning and Autumn has certainly arrived with temperatures dropping! Take a look below to find out what we have been learning and to see some examples of our super work.


In Grammar this week we focused on using pronouns to avoid repetition in writing. We focused on personal pronouns and then possessive pronouns. We first identified where the author used pronouns to avoid repetition in our class text 'The Lost Happy Endings' and then we wrote our own sentences replacing nouns with pronouns to make the sentences more cohesive.


In Writing this week we have started to prepare for our next independent write which will be a narrative. We started the week by looking at the features of narrative writing and we then identified these in a WAGOLL. We are preparing our writing by using the DASH writing structure. On Wednesday we focused on how to write a description paragraph to set the scene for our narratives. We used a lot of transferable skills from our last independent write to write our description paragraph. On Thursday we focused on writing our action paragraph using powerful verbs and short sentences to create tension and build suspense.


In Arithmetic this week we have learnt how to count in 25s. This is a really important skill which will help us in various different parts of Maths. Y4 Manatees really impressed with their understanding of counting in 25s as we could also count backwards which was really impressive. Well done Manatees for showing your excellence in our Arithmetic lessons this week.


This week in Maths we have focused on rounding. We started the week by rounding 2,3 and 4 digit numbers to the nearest 10 and then moved onto rounding to the nearest 100 and 1,000 later in the week. Yet again Manatees really impressed with their determination in Maths and they really gained fluency with their rounding skills. On Thursday we consolidated our learning by answering a mixture of rounding questions to really embed and practice what we had learnt in the week. On Friday we learnt all about negative numbers which is a brand new area of learning as we have never learnt about negative numbers before. We began by looking at simple numbers and filling in missing intervals that included those intervals less than zero. 


In Geography this week we considered the question 'Why is London's population so unique?' We learnt why London is a diverse city. We learnt that London is very ethnically diverse because people from lots of different ethnic backgrounds live in London.  We then made brochures which contained information about London's diverse population. Y4 completed some fantastic learning this learning and produced some fantastic brochures. Well done Manatees!


In History this week we learnt about Alexander the Great from his early life to his adult life. We learnt about 4 stories which show how determined Alexander was even as a young boy. We learnt about the story of how he managed to tame a horse called Bucephalas,  how he managed to cross a river to fight a battle against the mighty Persians and how he managed to break the Gordian knot which legend said would mean he would rule the world. 


In Science we learnt all about the diets of different animals. We learnt the terms herbivores, carnivores and omnivores and then used these definitions to classify animals based on diet. We learnt that the prefix herb- means plants, carni- means meat and omni- means all. We also learnt about the threats which food chains face and how this has a wider impact on ecosystems. We then answered VIPERs questions to demonstrate our understanding. 

Thank you for all your continued support with your child's learning through completion of homework tasks, it really does make a difference. We hope that everyone has a fantastic weekend.

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh