It has been another busy week in Y4 Manatees. Despite it only been a four day week, we have still completed lots of fantastic learning. Take a look below at what we have learnt about this week.


This week in Grammar we focused on using different sentence openers to avoid repetition when writing. This is a really useful skill to rehearse as it can sometimes be tricky to create different sentence openers. We focused on using adverbs and adjectives to start our sentences and this enabled us to think carefully about how we can enhance our writing and avoid repeated words or phrases at the start of sentences.


In Writing this week we continued with our setting description of the forest in our text 'The Lost Happy Endings'. This week we focused on how to structure our setting description. We worked in groups to order images when thinking about the layers of the forest. Together we decided that when describing our forest we would start at the very top of the forest (moon and sky) and describe all the way down to the forest floor. On Thursday, we generated lots of vocabulary to describe treehouses to help us plan for writing. We were given lots of different images of treehouses and we worked in groups to share ideas about what vocabulary we could use to describe them. By Friday, it was time for our independent write. I am really looking forward to reading the children's independent writes and seeing what they have achieved.


In Arithmetic this week we have focused on various skills that would help us be successful in our Maths lessons. On Tuesday we focused on counting in 5s, 10s, 100s and 1000s as this would help us when counting on number lines. On Wednesday we  focused on division. I was beyond impressed with Y4s dedication to this division lesson and we have made such great progress with our division which is fantastic. Later on the week we used our division skills to half numbers by dividing by 2 and this was another lesson in which we flew. Well done Y4, you have really impressed me this week in Arithmetic! Keep it up!


In Maths this week we have focused on number lines as there were a few misconceptions that we needed to address in order to make progress. We started the week by calculating missing intervals and then moved on to using our division skill to calculate missing intervals on number lines with 2,4,5 or 10 intervals. On Friday, we then used our Arithmetic skill of halving to find midpoints on number lines. We then used these midpoints to estimate where different numbers would sit on the number lines. 


In History this week we continued with our topic 'Alexander the Great'. This week we focused on how King Philip made Macedon Great. We learnt all about the oracle which told King Philip 'With silver spears your may conquer the world' and how Philip used this to unite the Greek city-states to create The League of Corinth to defeat the mighty Persian Empire. Our lesson took a surprise turn when we learnt how King Philip was killed leaving us on a cliff hanger for next lesson! 


In Geography this week we continued with our topic 'Population'. This week we considered the question 'Why do people migrate?'. We began the lesson by thinking about the population density of the UK and then used this knowledge to consider why people migrate to urban or rural areas. We had a fantastic discussion about whether we would rather live in a rural or urban area with children giving some fantastic justifications for their choice.

Well done for another super week this week Manatees. I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend so that they come back Monday feelings ready to learn.

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh