Another week has passed in Y4 Manatees and as we edge closer to half term the children continue to produce some fantastic work! Take a look below to see what we have been learning about all this week.


In Grammar this week we have focused on tense. In particular we focused on using past perfect tense and past progressive tense. These are quite tricky to understand however Y4 showed their determination when identifying these two types of tense. We learnt that past perfect tense is used to talk about a complete action before something else in the past and that past progressive tense is used to talk about an action that occurs over a period of time in the past. When using past perfect tense, we use the verbs 'have' or 'had' and when using past progressive tense, we use a verb that ends in the suffix -ing.


In Writing this week we began to prepare for our next independent write which will be an alternative ending in a narrative. We began the week by looking at a WAGOLL and identifying the features of alternative ending narrative writing. On Tuesday we then had a skill lesson focussing on using apostrophes. We learnt that for singular possession the apostrophe comes before the s in a noun whereas in plural possession the apostrophe comes after the s in a noun. We did also look at the exceptions to these rules. 


Y4 Manatees have absolutely flew Arithmetic this week. We focused on addition starting with two-digit numbers working our way up to 4-digit numbers where one exchange happens. We also focused on improving our Arithmetic presentation and Y4 Manatees have worked really hard in showing excellence with their presentation. Well done Manatees, you are all superstars!


In Maths this week we have continued with our Y4 topic of 'Addition and Subtraction'. We started the week by looking at adding two 4-digit numbers with up to 1 exchange. We then challenged ourselves by finding missing digits. On Wednesday we then looked at adding two 4-digit numbers with more than one exchange using column method. As our Maths learning linked really well with our Arithmetic this week, we soon became fluent in using column method to add using 4-digit numbers. On Thursday we then moved onto subtraction. We started subtraction by subtracting two 4-digit numbers where one exchange happens and then finished the week subtracting two 4-digit numbers where more than one exchange happens.


In Science this week we continued with our topic 'Animals including Humans'. This week we took part in an egg-cellent experiment! We wanted to investigate the impact different liquids had on our teeth. We submerged boiled eggs into a range of liquids including coffee, tea, cola, orange juice, water and milk to see what impact these would have on the boiled eggs. The boiled eggs represented human teeth with the shell representing the hard enamel. The next day we observed how our eggs had been impacted by the different liquids, below are some images of what we found! We found that the pure orange juice had the most visible impact as the shell of the egg had started to break down and become damaged. Unsurprisingly, the egg in the water remained the most unchanged as water contains the least amount of sugar compared to the other liquids. This was truly a fascinating investigation which really helped Y4 understand tooth decay and what we can do to look after our teeth. 


In History this week we continued with our much-loved History topic 'Alexander the Great'. This week we learnt how Alexander conquered the Persian Empire. This lesson was really quite intense especially when we learnt about the passing of Alexander's loyal comrade Bucephalas and his best friend Hephaestion. These losses really had an impact on Alexander who later fell seriously ill and as a result of illness also passed away. Yet again, our lesson was left on a cliff hanger... Who would now take control and rule over of Alexander's empire? We can't wait to find out more next week!


In Geography this week, we continued with our topic 'Population'. This week we considered the question...