This week has been a very special week as on Friday 11th November we remember Remembrance Day. This is such an important national day to remember those who fought in war and on Friday we shall observe a silence as a mark of respect. We also recognised Remembrance Day in class by producing some Remembrance Artwork using a watercolour backwash and silhouette figures. Take a look below at some of our beautiful Remembrance Artwork and other work in which we have completed this week.


In our Grammar lesson this week we have learnt all about how to correctly punctuate dialogue as this was something that we needed to focus on based upon our independent writes last term. We recapped how to use inverted commas to show when someone is speaking in a text, and we also recapped the piece of punctuation we need to use inside the inverted commas. I was so impressed with Y4 Manatees determination and excellence shown in this lesson, you all produced some excellent work! Well done!


In Writing this week, we continued to prepare for our independent write. We started the week by writing our description paragraph of our narrative focusing on using apostrophes for possession. We also challenged ourselves by using high-level vocabulary to describe. On Wednesday, we then moved onto our action paragraph. We focused on using adverbs of time and place to build action and to keep the plot moving. We have been working really hard to build our writing pace in order to improve our writing stamina and I am now seeing Y4 produce even more high-quality work. Well done Y4! On Thursday, we focused on our speech paragraph. We used our learning from our dialogue lesson on Monday and applied the skill of punctuating dialogue in our writing. It was fantastic to see the children's creativity really come through in the lesson and after reading the writing, which was produced on this day, it is clear to see that we are improving the way in which we punctuate our work. On Friday, we then completed our final paragraph which considers how our character is feeling now. We used lots of 'show not tell', high-level vocabulary and sentence structures in this paragraph.


In Arithmetic this week, we focused on scaling. We learnt how to approach questions such as 70 x 6 using knowledge we already know such as 7 x 6 as we can then use this answer to find our answer to our original question. This is a really crucial Arithmetic skill that we will continue to build fluency in throughout the week. By comparing calculations such as 1x2, 1 x20 and 1x200 it enabled us to see clear patterns which helped us to answer our Arithmetic questions.


In Maths this week, we started by learning all about the properties of quadrilateral shapes. We learnt what is meant by properties and we then applied this to a range of quadrilateral shapes such as those of squares, rectangles, rhombuses and parallelograms. There were a few misconceptions in this lesson, so we continued with our learning on Tuesday's lesson in order to clear up any misconceptions. After addressing our quadrilaterals misconceptions on Tuesday, we then moved onto lines of symmetry on Wednesday. We learnt what is meant by a line of symmetry and whether or not we could identify whether someone has drawn one correctly. We showed excellence in this lesson with most children reaching gold! On Thursday, we then moved on to completing symmetric figures. We struggled to draw the shapes accurately in this lesson so on Friday we shall be completing symmetric figures on A3 paper to make it easier to see the symmetry.


In Science this week, we have continued with our topic of 'Electricity'. This week we focused on conductors and insulators of electricity. We learnt that a conductor allows electricity to pass through it whereas an insulator does not allow electricity to pass through it. We then considered different materials and whether or not they would be a conductor or an insulator. For our final task, we used straws and foil to create our own plug and wire. I was so impressed with the work produced in this lesson and you will see below lots of amazing examples of the plugs and wires in which we made below!


In History this week we continued with our Roman topic. This week we learnt all about the seventh and final king of Rome, Tarquin. We learnt what a ruthless and cruel king he was. We were shocked to learn that his son was even worse. It wasn't until a brave Roman called Brutus decided to speak up and challenge the authority of the Tarquin family. After Brutus had done this, it was decided that there would be no more Roman kings, but instead two consuls that would rule over Rome. We engaged really well this lesson, and it is clear to see that this class show a real engagement in History, and we certainly have some talented Historians!


In Geography this week, we continued with our topic 'Climate and Biomes'. This week we considered the difference between weather and climate and how The Equator can have an impact upon climate as generally, countries closer to The Equator have a warmer climate and countries further away from The Equator have a colder climate. We then looked at two different climates: tropical climates and polar climates. We compared the two and then worked inn groups to sort facts and information into the correct climate type.

Thank you for another fantastic week of learning, we hope that everyone enjoys their weekend, and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh