Take a look below at some of our fantastic learning that has taken place this week in Y4 Manatees!


In Grammar this week, we have focused upon past perfect tense. We learnt how to use past perfect tense in sentences using the auxiliary verb 'had' alongside a conjunction. This is a particularly tricky part of Y4 Grammar however Manatees showed their determination and excelled within the lesson so a huge well done!


In Writing this week, we have begun to plan our next independent write which will be an alternative ending narrative. On Tuesday we read Chapters 9-12 of Charlotte's Web in which we see Charlotte's ingenious plan to save Wilbur come to life! Manatees thoroughly enjoyed this part of the story and are eager to continue reading. We then MAGPIED some high-level, context-specific vocabulary from the text and practised using these in a range of sentence structures. On Wednesday, we focused on using past perfect tense in our writing. This was a really useful lesson as it enabled us to recap our learning from our Grammar lesson on Monday! On Thursday, we then focused on using high-level, context-specific vocabulary to describe the web in which Charlotte made. We used some lovely piece of vocabulary such as 'silken thread' and 'beady-eyed'. Finally, on Friday we looked at using dialogue in our writing to re-tell the part of the story in which Lurvy finds the web. 


In Arithmetic this week, we started by focusing upon dividing 2,3- and 4-digit numbers by 10 to give whole numbers. We used place value grids to develop our understanding of how the digits in a number change column when we divide by 10. Later on in the week, we then moved onto dividing by 100.


In Maths this week we have continued with our topic 'Multiplication and Division'. On Monday we identified the relationship between the 3,6- and 9-times tables and used this knowledge of these times-tables to problem solve. On Tuesday, we looked at multiplying and dividing by 7. We used arrays to complete multiplication and division facts and then moved onto problem solving once again. On Thursday and Friday, we developed our understanding of the 11 and 12 times-tables. Y4 Manatees have showed excellence with their Maths this week with children frequency achieving Gold or Platinum, so a huge well done! Please continue to practice your times-tables at home at it really does make a difference! 


In Science this week, we continued with our topic 'Electricity'. This week we looked at circuits. We learnt how to draw scientifically accurate circuit diagrams using the correct symbols ensuring that we followed the rules when drawing the circuits. We even practised making a simple circuit using bulbs, a bulb holder, wires, batteries and battery holders. It was great to see the children advising one and other on how they could get their bulb to light up using their prior knowledge of conductors and insulators. 


In History this week, we continued with our topic 'The Roman Republic'. This week we learnt all about Hannibal's attack on Rome which is called the Second Punic War. We learnt how determined Hannibal was to keep his father's promise and just how brutal this war was. Y4 were fascinated by the fact that Hannibal chose elephants to support him during war as he knew they would need to cross the rocky Alps in order to reach Rome. We then conducted some research into some key Historical vocabulary and wrote definitions to develop our understanding.


In Geography, we continued with our topic entitled 'Climate and Biomes'. This week we learnt about three of the world's biomes: Savanna, Tundra and Rainforest. We learnt all about the climate and types of plants and animals which can be found in these different biomes. We even watched clips of some of David Attenborough's documentaries to help up use understand the conditions and life of each of the different biomes. For one of our tasks, we wrote a letter to David Attenborough. In our letters, we explained what we had learnt about the different biomes. I was so so impressed with the letters in which the children wrote as they showed a real understanding of each of the biomes! I'm sure if David Attenborough ever read these letters, he'd be just as impressed!

Well done for another super week, Manatees! Enjoy your weekend and we shall see you all on Monday! smiley

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh