Image of Time for transition
14 July 2023

Time for transition

Year 6 have continued to work on transition in preparation for moving to high school! We are completing transition booklets, which we will bring home at the end of term, full of memories of Waterside and our hopes and dreams for the future.

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Image of Investigating Roots
13 July 2023

Investigating Roots

Today Year 3 have been investigating roots, they have started an experiment where they will watch the roots of a carrot grow over time.

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Image of Role on the wall
13 July 2023

Role on the wall

In preparation for our last piece of writing, a journalistic report, we brainstormed all we knew about a key eyewitness in the story of ‘Oranges in No Man’s Land’.

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Image of Moving on in Maths
11 July 2023

Moving on in Maths

In Maths this week, we have been learning about the importance of Maths as we get older. We have discussed key terminology including 'investment' and  'financial risk' before attempting to make money investing in businesses!

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Image of Great grammar skills!
10 July 2023

Great grammar skills!

Year 5 Dolphins have revisited their homophone knowledge in their grammar lesson today.  It was lovely to see how this skill has improved since we last investigated it!

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Image of Leavers’ photos
7 July 2023

Leavers’ photos

Year 6 have been striking their best poses ready for their leavers photos. Watch this space for a letter to explain how you can purchase your child’s photo as a keepsake for their last year in primary school.

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Image of Transition day in Year 5
6 July 2023

Transition day in Year 5

Stingrays have become Dolphins today! We have been working hard with a creative piece of writing based on a music video about a girl and her pet giraffe. We have created our own vocabulary word bank with some adventurous adjectives and adverbs. We have enjoyed reading the stories and we look…

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Image of Rocking at reading
5 July 2023

Rocking at reading

Year 6 have been looking at the use of vocabulary in a text and showing a deeper understanding. We have used the 'I do, we do, you do' technique to ensure children are confident when answering question types which require them to show their knowledge of phrases and language.

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Image of Planning for writing
4 July 2023

Planning for writing

Year 6 have been planning a formal letter. Sharks will be writing as Ayesha, the protagonist from our class text 'Oranges in No-Man's Land', attempting to persuade Dr Leila to provide medicine for her sick Grandma. The children have considered the main plot and shown their understanding in…

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Image of Exciting Eid
30 June 2023

Exciting Eid

On Friday afternoon, we tried some wonderful traditional Eid food prepared for us by our very generous parents and celebrated Eid by taking part in a fantastic activity, drawing our own Mehndi intricate patterns! 

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Image of Eid celebrations
30 June 2023

Eid celebrations

Sharks enjoyed sampling authentic food and creating cards to celebrate Eid. Eid Mubarak!

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Image of Exciting Eid assembly!
30 June 2023

Exciting Eid assembly!

Waterside was lucky enough to welcome a very special visitor today for a special assembly all about Eid. The pupils were very respectful and learnt lots of interesting facts.

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