Image of Week 3, Forest School. Den Building!
3 October 2023

Week 3, Forest School. Den Building!

Amazing team work today, well done Year 3!

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Image of Week 2, Forest School. Tied up in knots and mud painting!
3 October 2023

Week 2, Forest School. Tied up in knots and mud painting!

Fun in the sun, today we painted with mud, showed super team work by making picture frame and hunted for bugs!

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Image of Week 1, Forest School
3 October 2023

Week 1, Forest School

What an amazing first session, we are all so very excited!

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Image of Mental maths
3 October 2023

Mental maths

Year 6 have been practicing their times tables when learning about factors, multiples and prime numbers.

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Image of Skittles in Science
29 September 2023

Skittles in Science

As part of our topic learning about the circulatory system, Year 6 used skittles and water to investigate how nutrients pass into our bloodstream from our digestive organs.

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Image of Learning Latin
29 September 2023

Learning Latin

We practiced using ‘sum’ to introduce ourselves, remembering that male names end in -us and female names in -a.

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Image of Forest school (after school)
27 September 2023

Forest school (after school)

Year three had an amazing time building on the skills they have learnt in Fridays sessions, building a pyramid with their wonderful knot tying skills , finding bugs and starting to name them - the centipedes were very fast we couldn’t catch them! Some enjoyed some observational drawing, a very‚Ķ

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Image of Super setting descriptions
15 September 2023

Super setting descriptions

Sharks class identified features of setting descriptions by text marking and annotating many WAGOLLs before creating our own checklist of an effective setting description.

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Image of Staying safe online
13 September 2023

Staying safe online

Sharks proved their understanding of staying safe online by playing and creating games where we collected safe online content such as firewalls and avoided dangerous items such as PEGI 18.

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Image of Healthy hearts
8 September 2023

Healthy hearts

Sharks creating model hearts using a plastic cup, balloon and water with red food colouring. Our favourite part was when the blood splurged out of the blood vessels (straws!)

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Image of Time for transition
14 July 2023

Time for transition

Year 6 have continued to work on transition in preparation for moving to high school! We are completing transition booklets, which we will bring home at the end of term, full of memories of Waterside and our hopes and dreams for the future.

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Image of Investigating Roots
13 July 2023

Investigating Roots

Today Year 3 have been investigating roots, they have started an experiment where they will watch the roots of a carrot grow over time.

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