What an exciting week we have had in Nursery! We have been looking at Police Officers in our topic People who help us and we had a shock on Wednesday when we came into our classroom and discovered that it was in a big mess! We were not sure what happened so had to become police detectives and follow all of the clues, as well as make sure not to mess with any of the evidence! Well we could not believe who had been into our classroom and messed it up - it was Postman Pat! We found him hiding under the sink after following lots of positional language directions. 

We also talked about collecting fingerprints and why the police need to do this. We collected our own fingerprints and observed them using the magnifying glasses, noticing lots of lines on our fingers and hands!

In Maths this week we have been searching for shapes in spaghetti! We then identified each shape and the number of sides that it had, followed by matching the sides to the correct number. After this, we practiced drawing each shape. 

We have also explore tall and short this week in our group Maths sessions. We really enjoyed going on a hunt around the classroom for objects taller and shorter than a pencil, and showing our friends what we found. We then enjoyed comparing the height of each other and finding out who was tallest and who was shortest!

In the outdoor area this week we enjoyed playing bowling. We practiced rolling the ball as far as we could in order to knock the skittles down and also enjoyed to talk about our previous experiences with bowling. 

As always we hope you have a great weekend!