We have had yet another fabulous week in Jellyfish class this week. We have been working really hard on how we can show our values in different ways especially our value of the half term, inspiration. 


In English this week we have worked towards writing our own non-chronological reports on Thursday. We spent some time researching, which we found tricky. We used our subheadings to find out as much as we could. We then used this research to plan our reports. Miss French was really impressed at our understanding on how to plan using different formats. This is something we have been working on together! On Friday we edited our reports and are now beginning to spot our own errors. 


In Arithmetic this week we have consolidated our money knowledge from our maths lessons last week and this really helped us. In our maths lessons we moved onto looking at angles. We looked at how angles can be described as a turn before moving on to describing these turns as right angles. On Thursday we looked at angles that are greater than or less than a right angle and how we call these acute and obtuse. 


In our Cradles of Civilisation lesson this week we looked at trading, writing and building. We now know that the ancient Sumerians had buildings called ziggurats. These were very important buildings where priests lived and they believed Gods lived there too. We found out that because they lived on the fertile crescent they were growing too many crops so began to trade them with people far away. They were also really resourceful and wove cloth which they could also trade. Due to this trading they started to keep a record of it and they way they did this was a system of lines and strokes called cuneiform. We learnt a lot this lesson and really enjoyed it!