This week we carried on working on our non- chronological reports about Victorian Britain. We researched what life would be like in Victorian times focusing on their houses, what they would have worn and the food they would have ate. The children were fascinated in the differences between present day and the Victorian era. Wednesday we created plans for our report that helped us on Thursday when we completed our first independent write of this half term. Miss Smith and Mrs Burns were super proud of everyone’s reports and the effort they put in them.


This week in arithmetic we have continued our work on money, including converting pence to pounds, then adding and subtracting. In maths we have started to look at angles. We started by looking at angles, angles  is the measure of turn between 2 straight lines. Firstly we looked at the properties of a right angle, the moved on to look at acute and obtuse angles.


We are continuing with our learning about the Cradles of civilization, we looked at why the people of ancient Sumer stayed in one place. We learnt they traded around the two river Tigris and Euphrates which also helped them grow groups. When they realized they could trade they built cities and the temple Ziggurat. They believed that the Gods lived right at the top of the Ziggurat so they were closer to them, the Kings lived towards the bottom and right at the bottom was the city where the people traded.


We learnt about track and field sport, including racing, jumping races, javelin, running, sprinting and hurdles.


We carried on studying Rocks, looking at how different rock are formed. The children created brilliant rock cycles to show how the different types of rocks are formed. These include igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary.