Image of Dancing!
8 February 2024


In PE we have been taking part in dancing. 

This week we loved learning dance moves and adding these to music. We started with warming up to a familiar dance, following the actions as best as we could. We then took some of these moves and made our own sequence. We added music and danced. 

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Image of Pre - Writing Shapes
8 February 2024

Pre - Writing Shapes

This week we have been tracing around different shapes. We have then practised forming the shapes independently. Our pencil grips have improved so much since September and our control with a pencil is always improving. 
Great work Ducklings 

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Image of Writing Our Names!
7 February 2024

Writing Our Names!

We are beginning to write our names in nursery as we are now able to recognise them. We used our name cards to copy letters from our name. 
Super writing! 

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Image of Positional Language
6 February 2024

Positional Language

This week in maths we have been using positional Language. We moved the teddy to different positions and we will be looking at using this language within our play. 

We focused on ‘in front, behind, on top, next to’.  

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Image of Using our voices and actions to express emotions.
31 January 2024

Using our voices and actions to express emotions.

We love signing in Nursery and know lots of nursery rhymes. This week we decided to sing a favourite ‘if you’re happy and you know it’. We changed some of the words and added different emotions we have learnt over the term. 
we changed our voices to match the emotion and made our own actions. We…

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Image of Our First Trip!
25 January 2024

Our First Trip!

Nursey had their first school trip this week and what an amazing time we had!

I just want to say how proud I am of the children, their behaviour and attitude on the trip were brilliant and they were very sensible and safe. 

We had the best time going on the minibus to the park and then…

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Image of Making Sandwiches
24 January 2024

Making Sandwiches

Today we made our sandwiches for the Teddy Bears Picnic. We washed our hands and talked about the importance of this, chose our fillings and then used the knife to spread and cut, developing our fine motor skills. 

It was super fun and they very very tasty!

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Image of Toys From The Past
17 January 2024

Toys From The Past

We have learnt about the past! I know the past is something that has already happened. 

We have enjoyed learning about different toys that children used in the past. We have been looking at they toys and exploring how to use them, our favourite was the jack in the box! We looked at the…

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Image of Winter is Here!
16 January 2024

Winter is Here!

This week we have been very lucky to have snow! The children were super excited to tell me what they saw on the way to school. We discussed as a class that we have moved into a new season - Winter. We talked and looked at images of different signs to look out for. We then went to explore our…

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Image of More and Less
16 January 2024

More and Less

In maths this week the children have been identifying 'more' and 'less' between groups. We used objects, pictures and numbers to develop and expand our knowledge. The children have then challenged themselves by changing amounts to make 'more' or 'less'. 

We were super at using the correct…

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Image of Our First Week Back!
12 January 2024

Our First Week Back!

It has been a great first week back, it has been lovely to hear all about the children's break and what they have been getting up to. This week we have been settling back into our routines and recapping learning from last term. 

In maths we have been looking at numbers 0-4, we have recognised…

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Image of Disco Time!
14 December 2023

Disco Time!

We have been so excited all week for our disco, we dressed up in our party clothes and enjoyed our snacks. We did lots of dancing and lots of singing. 

we spoke about the disco beforehand as this was a great chance to recap our celebrations topic. 

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