This week in English Year 6 have  written a formal letter to persuade, using formal, letter writing features such as; formal language, perfect form and subjunctive form aswell as general letter writing features such as the salutation, name and address of the recipient, the date and a formal sign off. Please see below some examples of our fantastic pieces of writing:

Year 6 continued their  English lessons this week by editing and revising their formal letters, by reading their work out loud, checking their punctuation and that their letters make sense as-well as up-levelling their vocabulary and checking their spellings. They finished editing their letters by adding a writing feature they had not included.


This week in Maths Year 6 have continued revisiting previous SATs questions however this week we  focused on algebra, ratio and proportion questions. We continued the week answering problem based maths reasoning questions.


This week in Geography we continued with our learning on the topic of Oceans however this week we explained the role of oceans in the process of trade. We began our lesson by defining key vocabulary such as ‘maritime, trade, manufactured goods, maritime shipping routes, container and overseas,’ children then went on to annotate an image with features of maritime trade before explaining the process of maritime trade. It was lovely to hear children constantly  using key vocabulary in their discussions aswell as in their writing. 


In History this week Year 6 continued to discuss the significant impacts of the Plague and the Great Fire of London. They began their lesson by comparing the impacts of the fire on different social classes. Children used key vocabulary such as ‘social class, division, upper class, lower class, society, culture, religion, devastating impact’ to explain their ideas. After having made this comparison children then went on to writing a diary entry from the perspective of a person who was alive during the plague and the horrifying impact it had on them and their families.