Image of Staffordshire during the Medieval times!
21 September 2023

Staffordshire during the Medieval times!

This week in our History lesson we learnt all about what Staffordshire was like during the Medieval times. Y6 engaged really well in this lesson and were shocked to discover that 20 skeletons were unearthed from the Medieval times in our local area! It has been great to get an in sight into the…

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Image of Exploring figurative language!
21 September 2023

Exploring figurative language!

In our reading lessons, we learnt about different types of figurative language and how to spot them in reading texts. Some of these can be tricky to spot however with greater practice I’m sure Y6 will soon be able to spot them with ease! 

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Image of A Maths Mountain!
21 September 2023

A Maths Mountain!

This week in Maths, we have been learning how to compare and order numbers up to 10,000,000. To help us order numbers, we used this diagram of a mountain to understand the difference between ascending and descending order. Comparing and ordering numbers can be a tricky skill however Y6 showed…

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Image of Amazing Art
21 September 2023

Amazing Art

Take a look at some of the amazing artwork produced by Year 6 Whales this week! We learnt about the importance of typography in packaging design and then experimented with typography using our first names! 

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Image of Superb Science!
15 September 2023

Superb Science!

This half term we have started our new topic in Science entitled ‘Animals including Humans’. In one of our lessons, we made model hearts using balloons, plastic cups, red food dye and straws! Although it got a little messy we had great fun learning all about the human heart!

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Image of Celebrating Eid!
30 June 2023

Celebrating Eid!

This afternoon we completed learning all about Eid and how Muslims celebrate. We then created our own Eid cards for our family and friends, tasted authentic foods and completed freeze frames. 

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Image of Investigating our heart rate!
29 June 2023

Investigating our heart rate!

How does exercise affect the heart? This was the question we investigated today! We started by taking our resting heart rate then began exercising for 2 minutes! We then recorded our heart rate straight after exercising and we saw a dramatic increase! We couldn’t believe how much our heart rate…

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Image of The Brilliant British Empire!
28 June 2023

The Brilliant British Empire!

We have created a graph to show the growth in imports and exports within the British Empire. Did you know that imports are goods that are bought into a country and exports are good sold abroad to other countries!

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Image of Set Design
28 June 2023

Set Design

As I’m sure you know we’re gearing yo for our UKS2 production of Ali Baba, as well as acting and singing there is a lot of other work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the production looks amazing and runs smoothly, today are stage crew have done an absolutely amazing job getting our…

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Image of Bikeability superstars
26 June 2023

Bikeability superstars

Year 6 have taken to the road as part of their Bikeability programme this week, showing confidence when cycling on busy roads. They continued to show our expectations of being ready, respectful and safe at all times. Well done Year 6!

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Image of Year 6 Entrepreneurship Day!
20 June 2023

Year 6 Entrepreneurship Day!

Today we have had an entrepreneurship day in Year 6 Whales! We learned all about what it takes to be a part of team, what a good team manager looks like and what will happen if you have a catchy slogan for your product! We have created adverts for our own brand of lemonade, researched recipes and…

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Image of Our last Sports Day!
19 June 2023

Our last Sports Day!

We had a great afternoon complete in many different activities for our last ever Sports Day at Primary School!

We had some tight calls for first place during the sprint, some egg-cellent egg and spoon finishers and some outstanding obstacle course winners! 

I couldn’t believe how far the…

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