This week we have been learning about Minibeasts and their habitats. The children have loved learning about the different minibeasts we can find in our garden and have independently gone to look for these minibeasts in our outdoor area. We have identified what we could see and looked at a variety of bugs in depth. We talked about their appearance - how many legs, if they have wings, what colour and size they are. We then moved on to looking what they eat and where their habitat it. 

The children have learnt that every habitat requires 3 important factors: food, water and shelter. 

We took part in an activity matching the minibeast to their habitat. 

To support our learning we read the story 'Superworm'. This was a favourite by many children and their recall of the story from beginning, middle and end was brilliant. From the book we chose our favourite minibeasts and the children used play-Doh to make their bug. 

This was a great opportunity to strengthen our fine motor skills and use our imagination to manipulate and mould the dough to create a desired effect. The children used tools to support and really concentrated when added detail to their bug.  We looked carefully at what colours were needed, what shapes we need to make, how many legs and any additional features such as wings.

Using inspiration from the bugs we made the children then wrote about their bugs in writing. They applied their phase 3 knowledge to write captions and some children have began to write a simple sentence. Finger spaces are becoming more clear with all children and we will continue to embed the importance of finger spaces. 

Great writing this week, well done! 

In phonics we are continuing to work on longer words that the children need to chunk to be able to read. For example 'carpark', we will break this down into 'c-ar' 'p-ar--k' and then repeat altogether 'carpark'. 

This is a chance review phase 3 sounds to secure learning.

In maths we have been working on our number bonds within 5, the children have been using part - whole models to practically find the bonds within 5 and then writing the full number sentence out. They have started to verbally recall some of the number bonds which is our aim for the end of reception! 

This term in PE our focus is using all of our taught skills within team games. The children will learn to work as a team, communicate and follow rules and instructions within a game. This week we played 'stuck in the mud' and 'cups and saucers'.