A brilliant week of learning in Dolphin Class!

In our English learning this week, we began by investigating the correct use of hyphens when joining prefixes to a route word beginning with a vowel, for example, re-examine and co-ordinate.  we learnt that the meaning of the prefix can affect the meaning of the word - for example adding the prefix semi- changes the meaning of the root word to partial, as in semi-articulate.

We then moved onto our new writing genre, journalistic writing. We investigated the expected features within pieces such as newspaper articles. We then used this information to plan our own newspaper articles based on the arrival of Dorothy and friends at the Emerald City, up until they meet the Wizard and discover his big secret!

In our maths learning this week, we've returned to place value, and continued to grow our knowledge in relation to problem solving within this area.  We discussed counting in given steps, ordering and comparing.  It was lovely to see past learnt skills being used independently when competing our learning in this area this week. Truly independent skills. 

Our History learning this week saw us launch our new topic, Vikings in Britain.  We discussed how the early 'wicings' (Vikings), were actually settlers from the North of the country -  hence they were known as 'Norsemen'. We learnt about their camp settlement in Torksey, which was much more than a camp -  a small village really, at which the Norsemen and their families spent a full Winter.  We then learnt about how their invasion ended the reign of the Mercia Kings of England.

Our Geography learning this week saw us also begin a new topic - oceans.  This week, we began our learning by recapping the oceans of the World and their locations, before investigating the actual geographical properties of these features. We also learnt about the salinity of water, which is what actually makes sea water salty.  We also learnt that some seas are so salty, it is impossible to sink in them!

We had no science learning this week, due to World Book Day on Thursday.  We had an amazing day, swapping books, completing drama role plays, kahoot quizzes and story in a day.  See the photos below to see just how much we had!

Have a lovely week, 

Love from Dolphin class. x