It has been another busy week in Swan class! This week, we have been learning all about maps. We have previously looked at maps of our local area and discussed some of the features. We have now looked at creating our own maps of places familiar to us, including our classroom and our local community. We have been busy drawing and labelling our maps.

In writing, we have been practising our letter formation. We have been working on ensuring our letters sit on the line.

We did our phonics assessment this week. This helps us to see which sounds we are secure with, and where our gaps are. We will be continuing to secure our Phase 3 learning next half term.

In Maths, we have been learning about 3D shapes. We named different shapes and started to look at their properties, including faces, vertices and edges. We discussed whether different shapes can be stacked or rolled, depending on whether their faces are flat or curved

Next week is half term! I hope everyone has a lovely break :)