I can’t believe it is the end of spring 1, here is some of the fantastic learning we have done this week.


This week we have continued to develop our Year 3 writing skills in preparation for our final independent write of the half term. We looked at different sentence structures and how including these in our writing can help to add interest. Our independent writing this week was a retell of the classic story of Oliver Twist, we wrote in the first person as Oliver. All children showered great determination in writing this week and we have had some great pieces of writing.


In arithmetic we looked at identifying and counting money. In Maths we focused on capacity and volume learning the difference and using the scales to find the answer to our maths problems. We have all enjoyed this topic and all children have made fantastic progress.


We have come to the end of our journey through ancient Egypt, this week we showed off everything we have learnt about them over the past 7 weeks. Our Geography topic of settlements has also come to an end, we finished by looking at Cardiff and comparing and contrasting it to London. 


Practising our ball skills and playing football.