Image of Sharing into equal groups
18 June 2024

Sharing into equal groups

In Maths this week, we have been exploring sharing amounts into equal groups. We learnt that equal means 'the same'. We worked out which numbers we could share equally between two groups, and which we could not. If we had one beanbag left over, we knew that number could not be equally…

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Image of Father's Day cards
14 June 2024

Father's Day cards

We made Father's Day cards for our dads to show our appreciation for all that they do for us. We decorated the front of our card by colouring and sticking, and then wrote a message inside. We are looking forward to giving our cards to our loved ones on Sunday. Happy Father's Day!

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Image of Making pictures using  2D shapes
4 June 2024

Making pictures using 2D shapes

We worked on our spatial reasoning by using 2D shapes to create a picture. We selected, rotated and manipulated shapes to ensure they were in the correct position and orientation when creating a desired image. 

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Image of Making gingerbread men!
24 May 2024

Making gingerbread men!

We had lots of fun making gingerbread men using the ingredients we bought from Lidl. We carefully measured out the ingredients before mixing them together and rolling the mixture. We then used a cutter to cut out our gingerbread men shapes and baked the gingerbread men in the oven for 20 minutes.…

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Image of Buying items for making gingerbread men!
23 May 2024

Buying items for making gingerbread men!

Today the children went to Lidl to buy all the ingredients needed to make Gingerbread men! This afternoon we will be making our gingerbread men ready to decorate tomorrow. The children were so well behaved and loved being in the supermarket and looking at prices and using money to buy their…

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Image of Using money!
14 May 2024

Using money!

Today the children have been exploring the topic of money. We discussed what money is and why we need money. We then looked at all the different coins and what each number on the coin represents. For their activity the children had some coins and had to go shopping in our school shop! They had to…

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Image of The features of a castle!
7 May 2024

The features of a castle!

Continuing our work focusing on the traditional tale of Rapunzel, the children were looking at the different features of a castle. We discussed what type of people lived in castles, why castles were useful and then looked at specific features and their uses. We looked at moats, the high walls,…

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Image of Red2Blue: our feelings and emotions
29 April 2024

Red2Blue: our feelings and emotions

This morning we spoke about Red2Blue and discussed how we can regulate our emotions and who to go to if we feel like we are in a red head. We then listened to the story ‘My monster and me’ and ‘The colour monster’. We then had a whole class discussion about feelings and what colour we are today…

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Image of Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats
26 April 2024

Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats

We worked in teams and used materials including paper cups, lollipop sticks and straws to construct a bridge for the Three Billy Goats. Our objective was to build a bridge that would enable the Three Billy Goats to cross the river and reach the fresh, green grass on the other side! We enjoyed…

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Image of Identifying geographical features in a traditional tale
23 April 2024

Identifying geographical features in a traditional tale

Today the children identified different geographical features in the story ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. They were able to identify and describe features such as the river, the mountains and the meadow. They then began to discuss how this is different to where we live in Stoke-on-Trent. We…

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Image of Creating the Three Little Pigs' houses using different materials
19 April 2024

Creating the Three Little Pigs' houses using different materials

We used different materials from the story 'The Three Little Pigs' to create our own houses. We used our knowledge of the story to collage the three houses built by the Three Little Pigs - straw, sticks and bricks. After creating our artwork, we enjoyed discussing the suitability of each material…

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Image of Moving in different ways-Gymnastics
19 April 2024

Moving in different ways-Gymnastics

Today in PE the children have been looking at moving in different ways. We role played being an alien flying to the moon and explored how an alien could move. We moved as a slow alien, a wide alien, a tall alien and an energetic alien. We also recapped the shapes we learn in gymnastics last week…

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