This week in grammar we recapped our knowledge on different word classes. We began by defining the different word classes (nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs), and then went on to identify them in a chapter of our class text. Please see below examples of our fantastic learning:


We began our writing lessons this week with editing and revising our independent write which was an internal monologue. We revisited our work from last lesson and ensured that we included key features such as actions, extra detail, rhetorical questions and the thoughts of our character (Auggie), as well the correct punctuation and grammar through out our pieces of work.

We continued our writing lessons this week re-telling a scene from our class text ‘Wonder.’ We included features such as figurative language, direct speech, a range of vocabulary to engage our reader and a variety of clause structures including adverbials in varied positions. Please see below for some examples of our fantastic work:

To finish of our writing lessons this week, we created acrostic poems about the characters in our class text (Wonder) to describe their personalities, appearance and behaviours.


This week in Geography we consolidated our learning on the topic of Coastal Processes and Landforms. Year 6 children used all their notes and learning from this term to share all the knowledge they have gained in the form of; booklets, posters and presentations.
Please see below examples of our amazing work:


This week in maths we have been reading and interpreting pie charts.


This week in Arithmetic, year 6 completed questions from past arithmetic papers, to help prepare them for their SATs tests. It was nice to see children using the different mathematical methods they have learnt to help check the accuracy of their answers.


This week in Art we created a collage in the style of Beatrix Milhazes, using overlapping, patterned squares of different sizes with a range of clashing colours. 


This week in History year 6 read and discussed the attire of Tudor people. They studied the differences between the wealthy and poor people and how their clothing differed vastly. They then discussed the different forms of entertainment for the Tudor people. Children were suprised to hear how sports such as football were played very differently, with players being allowed to throw, pick up and kick the ball in to the goals. We also discussed,  how banquets were often held by wealthy people, in contrast to the poor who only had special meals on specific occasions. 

Year 6 drew pictures to show the contrast in attire of the wealthy and poor people, then ended the lesson by creating a poster to encourage people to visit a Tudor town by describing the vast variety of Tudor entertainment that was available.


In our science lesson this week children in Year 6 investigated how shadows are formed when opaque objects block rays of light.

Children created puppets of the scientists Isaac Newton and his contemporaries and then delivered a puppet show. They  used torches and cardboard puppets to demonstrate how shadows are formed when rays of light are blocked, resulting in a shadow with the same shape as the objects that cast them. It was lovely to see the joy on the children's faces as they acted out their puppet shows, as this helped them to visualise how shadows are formed. 


In Re this week children created a booklet to explain how religion teaches us right from wrong. They used all their notes from previous lessons to compile information in their booklets, it was lovely to hear children using key  vocabulary such as conscience, morals, temptations, respect, peace and holy books and messengers in their discussions and work. Please see below some examples of the amazing  booklets they created:

Charity Fundraising for Turkey 

Due to the catastrophic earthquakes that have taken place recently, children took part in  a non uniform form day today (Friday 17th February 2023) to raise money for Turkey.  The donation was made  through DEC. It was lovely to see so many children wearing red to show their support towards those that have lost their lives and been badly injured due to this sad event.