This week in Duck class we have been learning about maps! We have previously looked at maps  and how these could help us to look around our local area. We have now started to make our own maps. Firstly we used a template and drew pictures of the different places we have found in our local community. We then labelled our maps and drawings.

In writing we have focused on our letter formation, keeping all letters on the line and correctly forming them, this includes clear ascenders and descenders. The children are making amazing progress with their pencil control and are trying their best when writing, I am so proud. 

At the end of every term we complete our phonics checks. This is to see what progress the children have made and what we need to keep working on. The children have done fantastic with recognising the sounds and reading words with these taught sounds. 

It is always beneficial for the children to be recapping these regularly to secure their learning, we will continue to look at phase 3 next term and please continue to look at these at home. Thank you. 

In maths we have started to look at 3D shapes, we have identified their names and started to look at objects in the environment that represent these shapes. 

Next week is half term, I hope you all have a lovely break. I will see you on Monday 27th February. Miss Mayer