A fantastic week of learning in Dolphin Class!

In English this week, we have completed our new character extended writes, then edited and improved them.  We focused on all of our year five skills learnt so far. The new characters were very varied -  we have written about cheetahs, ninjas and even ghosts!  The Dolphins really tried their best and the end products were amazing!

In the second half of the week, we then began our next writing project, creating a new chapter setting. We mind-mapped our ideas together, before planning our own specific setting, event and outcomes.  We finished by creating our own personalised vocabulary bank - it was fabulous to see such varied ideas.

Our maths learning this week has seen us learning all about percentages. We discovered that the word percent literally means part of a hundred, which helped us with our understanding.  We discovered that a fraction shown as a hundredth and a two digit decimal number can easily be converted to a percentage, using the numerator for fractions and the decimal number in decimals. We also learnt how to convert fractions to allow us to create percentages. For example -  40/50 can be doubled to 80/100, which shows a percentage of 80%.

Our History learning this week saw us investigate hoe the Anglo-Saxons altered the calendar date for Easter. We learnt all about how Whitby monastery in 664AD played host to Bede and Hilda meeting the King of Northumbria. They decided that Britain should follow the Roman strand of Christianity.

Our Geography learning this week has seen us continue our investigations into California and its drought problems. We learnt this week that there was a domino effect that led to the building of a viaduct from the 1930s to the 1960s.  Farmers moved there due to mas droughts in mid-America, which put extra demand on the water supply there.  We also learnt that the finished viaduct was 444miles long -  which is nearly the full length of Great Britain!  We discussed why drought still occurred in California after this point, and why human error was to blame.

Have a lovely week,

Love from Dolphin Class. xx