In maths this week we have moved onto converting units of measurement. This saw us looking at converting grams to kilograms, millimetres to metres, metres to kilometres and litres to millilitres. After spending so long on decimals it was nice to move onto another area of learning but we actually found that the decimals followed us! In examples such as 10cm = 0.1m, this just goes to show how all our learning links together and is needed in every aspect of our maths learning. 

For our writing we focused on our adverbials of time and place alongside some figurative language writing. It's great to see how imaginative the children are and how they blend together their ideas from previous lessons to improve and inspire their current writing. The week culminated with completing our 1st independent write of Spring 1. Only having an hour to complete a full write can seem very daunting but the children persevered and produced some beautiful pieces of writing. Next week the children will get the opportunity to look back through their work and edit and improve it so they will be even more amazing I'm sure!

Our Science learning this week saw us looking at how new materials are made. The children were amazed to learn how post-it notes were created by mixing paper with an adhesive that was originally a failed adhesive for rockets! We spent time looking at three different compound materials; goretex, polar fleeces and post-it notes, and why they had been created for a specific purpose whether it be water-proofing, insulation or sticking notes on things. 

In History we found ourselves looking at the Anglo-Saxon migrants and why they would even want to land in Britain in the first place! Well the first reason we looked at was that we were so easy to invade! Due to the Romans leaving the Britons were defenceless and easy for the Anglo-Saxons to invade, another reason was our farmland, which was much more fertile and easy to cultivate than the flooded land they had come from. The final reason we looked at was that they were actually invited! The Britons weren't only facing attacks from the Anglo-Saxons but also the Scots and Picts. In order to defend against them they invited the Anglo-Saxons to fight for them, afterwards they just decided not to leave!