Image of Forest School - Knots and Frames
23 February 2024

Forest School - Knots and Frames

This week Y5 had a fantastic PE lesson, starting their forest schooling with Miss Barker! It’s truly a unique experience and the children loved getting the chance to learn how to tie knots and using this skill to make frames out of sticks. We can’t wait for the next lesson!

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Image of Year 5 Class Assembly
23 February 2024

Year 5 Class Assembly

Well done to Year 5 this week for their class assembly. We used the knowledge, that we have learnt this half term, to retell the Viking invasion. 

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Image of Architecture
7 February 2024


In art this week, we have been studying the artwork of ‘The Shoreditch Sketcher’ as part of our Architecture topic. We then used pencil to observe and draw the London skyline in the style of The Shoreditch Sketcher’.

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Image of Making our Characters come alive!
2 February 2024

Making our Characters come alive!

Carrying on with our work from last week, this week Y5 have done a range of role play activities to make their characters come alive. This helped the children really understand the characters they are going to be writing about in ways such as how they talk, how they interact with others and how…

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Image of Creating a Character
26 January 2024

Creating a Character

Today in Writing we introduced the next topic we would be writing about and that is an alternative character, the class was very excited when they learned they would be working together to create these new characters and we ended up with some amazing creations, such as; a Sheep who lost his baa,…

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Image of Vocabulary Gallery
18 January 2024

Vocabulary Gallery

Today the children have looked at some of the high level vocabulary that can be found in our new text “The Wizard of Oz” we looked not only at the definition of these words but also how they can be used in year 5 level sentences such as expanded noun phrases and relative clauses.

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Image of Year 5 Citizenship Litter Pick
16 January 2024

Year 5 Citizenship Litter Pick

This week, year 5 have been out in the local area to pick up litter. We were surprised at how much litter we found, especially around our school. Well Done everyone… we can tick off the first activity in our citizenship passport.

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Image of Solids, Liquids and Gases
12 January 2024

Solids, Liquids and Gases

Today the children have started their new topic of properties of materials, starting at the very beginning of this we have investigated the differences between solids, liquids and gases right down to their particles.

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Image of Y5 DT Day - Making Soup
13 December 2023

Y5 DT Day - Making Soup

Today we have spent the whole day researching, preparing, making, tasting and evaluating soup! We used onions, leeks, potatoes and carrots! All of these vegetables were sliced up by the children and added to our soup maker resulting in a delicious treat that the children enjoyed, if ever you’re…

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Image of Fashion Designer
11 December 2023

Fashion Designer

Today we have finalised our art project by using the patterns we painted to create clothes for our cardboard models. The use of colours and patterns has made each piece of art very unique!

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Image of The discovery at Sutton Hoo
6 December 2023

The discovery at Sutton Hoo

In History this week, we have been learning about the amazing Anglo-Saxon discovery at Sutton Hoo. We re-enacted the conversation that took place before and during the discovery between Mr Brown and Mrs Pretty.

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Image of Sutton Hoo
5 December 2023

Sutton Hoo

Today the children have learnt about the discovery of Sutton Hoo and why this was an important discovery for Britains understanding of Anglo-Saxon Britain, as part of our learning we re-enacted the discovery of the ship and how the conversation might have gone between Basil Brown (an excavator)…

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