Image of How to become….. Flow diagram
3 June 2024

How to become….. Flow diagram

Today the children have created a flow diagram detailing the path they may take in order to achieve their future career. We had many aspirations such as; footballers, surgeons, lawyers, gymnasts, cricket players, fashioner designers, an ice cream man and doctors!

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Image of Interviews on a Vanishing
24 May 2024

Interviews on a Vanishing

Today the children have practised their skills in journalism by conducting interviews with Tam and Holly about the disappearance of Varjak, taking on the role of interviewer and interviewee the children came up with lots of questions they could ask each other and thought carefully about how they…

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Image of Life cycle of a bird!
3 May 2024

Life cycle of a bird!

We have had a great time in Science this afternoon as we have created a model to represent the life cycle of a bird.  We then presented them to the class using key vocabulary! 

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Image of 3-D Shapes
30 April 2024

3-D Shapes

Today Y5 have had a hands on lesson examining 3-D shapes and their properties. We have reminded ourselves of their names and also examined the number of vertices, edges and faces they have. The children have then created fact files of these on their tablets that they can look back at later on.

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Image of Using a protractor to measure angles
19 April 2024

Using a protractor to measure angles

Today in maths we have learnt how to use our protractors to measure angles up to 180 degrees, the children have been using vocabulary such as the origin on a protractor and the vertex which is where two lines meet. We also had to classify whether the angles we measured were acute, obtuse or right…

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Image of Funky Favelas!
18 April 2024

Funky Favelas!

Today we have learned about the advantages and disadvantages of living in a favela. Did you know that in favelas there are no sewers or electricity provided! 

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Image of Perfect Planning!
18 April 2024

Perfect Planning!

Today we have planned our first person diary entry ready for when we complete our independent writes next week. We ensured we included the correct Year 5 standards in our plan to really help us when we are writing next week! 

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Image of Science Crest Award
21 March 2024

Science Crest Award

Today Y5 took part in the Science Crest award which saw them taking on a day long challenge to create a handing washing sanitation device. These sort of devices are used in places like Kenya to provide children with clean water and the children in Y5 learnt a lot in terms of STEM as a result of…

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Image of Automata Animals
11 March 2024

Automata Animals

Today we have started our new DT topic of automata animals, this has been presented to us linked to the WWF and our first task was to investigate the way animals moved and what sort of environment they lived in, we looked at a range of animals such as tortoises and penguins!

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Image of Wicked!
1 March 2024


On Wednesday, our Year 5 classes travelled to London to watch Wicked. The performance was incredible and we throughly enjoyed the experience. We were so proud of all the children and a member of the public commented on how well behaved they were. Well done everyone! 

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Image of Junior Reporters
1 March 2024

Junior Reporters

Today the children have used what they saw in Wicked to create some quotes for their next piece of writing, they have focused on using both direct and reported speech and learnt how these differ in terms of the tense and pronouns used as well as the punctuation. They’ve come up with some brilliant…

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Image of Forest School - Knots and Frames
23 February 2024

Forest School - Knots and Frames

This week Y5 had a fantastic PE lesson, starting their forest schooling with Miss Barker! It’s truly a unique experience and the children loved getting the chance to learn how to tie knots and using this skill to make frames out of sticks. We can’t wait for the next lesson!

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