It has been another fantastic week in Y4 Manatees. Despite the snow bringing its challenges, as usual Y4 have not let this stop them for producing some amazing work! Take a look below at some of our fantastic learning from this week!


In Grammar this week we have looked at the difference between reported and direct speech and how reported speech is often used in diary entries to detail when someone has said something. This was a useful lesson to recap as it allowed us to explore the differences between a diary entry and recount. 


In Arithmetic this week we have recapped dividing using times table knowledge as this will support us with our Maths learning later in the week when we convert improper fractions to mixed fractions. It has been great to consolidate learning and to build our fluency with division. On Fridays we are now going to be practising our times tables in Arithmetic to help prepare us for our 'Multiplication Check' and build our fluency. Continue to practice these at home as it really does make a difference.


In Maths this week we have continued with our Y4 Maths topic of 'Fractions'. This week we have learnt all about how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions and how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers. We struggled with this at first, however once we used bar models to show what the conversion 'looks like' it really helped us to develop a better understanding. On Wednesday, we focused more on how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers and our skill of dividing from Arithmetic became really useful in this session. On Friday, we began to consider equivalent fractions using a number line. As we have previously explored fractions on a number line this was a great way for us to consolidate our learning in this area of fractions.


In Writing this week we have continued to prepare for our diary entry independent write. On Tuesday we wrote our final paragraph focusing on writing in future tense. We learnt that writing in future tense is a nice way to complete a diary entry as it allows the writer to reflect and share their future hopes. I was beyond impressed with the standard of writing for this paragraph and it is clear that Manatees now know how to use emotive language for effect and how to create a sense of voice. On Wednesday, we planned our independent write. We focused on thoughts and feelings and how we can communicate these in writing using the skill of 'show not tell'. By Friday, we were ready to start to write our independent write! I am really looking forward to reading these diary entries as I know how harked Manatees have worked to prepare for it.


In History this week we continued with our topic 'The Roman Empire'. This week we learnt all about Julius Caesars's nephew Octavian who later became known as 'Augustus' which means 'the high one'.  We learnt that Augustus, just like his uncle, was very cunning and did everything he could to become powerful. We learnt that Octavian cunningly declared himself Rome's 'first citizen' and how he was cunning to defend the Republic and that he even had statues made of himself!


In Science this week we continued with our topic entitled 'States of Matter'. This week we conducted an investigation into solids, liquids and gases and used this investigation to inform our choices when categorising everyday objects as either a solid, liquid or gas. This week we delved deeper by learning all about particles in solids, liquids and gases. We even used Cheerio's to represent the particles in a solid, liquid and a gas and then used this understanding to analyse our investigation results.


In Art this week we continued with our topic entitled 'Insects'. This week we created insect mosaics inspired by Roman mosaic Art. This task definitely required a lot of determination and patience which are key qualities an artist must have. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this weeks blog, we hope that the children's work and learning has impressed you as much as it has us. Enjoy your weekend and we shall see you all on Monday.

Miss Selman and Miss Marsh