This week we have continued our learning around 'Celebrations', we have been focusing on Birthdays and how and why they are celebrated. We have enjoyed our new birthday party roleplay area and have been acting out our first hand experiences which our friends. 

We have been making our own birthday cakes in the exploring area using flour and different resources.

We have also been making our own jam sandwiches for a birthday party, we spoke about how to be safe with a knife and how to use it correctly and then followed the instructions to make our own sandwich. We enjoyed eating them afterwards and spoke about what we could taste.

We have also been using another piece of equipment which needs to be used carefully and that is scissors, we have been using scissors to make snips in paper and if we had good control we would then use the scissors to cut along a straight line. We are going to continue to practise our scissors skills through the year.

On the creative table we have been making party hats, we used different materials to create our own personal hat.

We have been using catalogues to look at different logos and to talk about where we have seen then, we also had a variety of logos which the children could recognise.

Next week we begin new learning of learning all about Autumn, I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Morray x