This week ended brilliantly as we all came to school in yellow or spotty clothes to raise money for the charity Children in Need! 


This week in our English lessons we have started a new genre of writing, a diary entry. We have spent a lot of time familiarising ourselves with the features of a diary and worked really hard together to do this. We then learnt a new skill. Inverted commas for direct speech. To introduce this new punctuation to us Miss French let us write on the tables and use macaroni pasta to show the inverted commas! On Friday we then used this activity to help us transfer this skill into written work in our books. 

In our grammar lesson this week we looked at different sentence types and the punctuation we use. We looked at each sentence type in detail and had a go on whiteboards at sharing our ideas. 


In our maths lessons this week we have looked at multiplying and dividing by 3, 4 and 8. This has really helped us secure some of our previous skills from Year 2. We have really gained a better understanding of this through the week and have used lots of different methods, especially different pictorial representations to support our thinking.

History and Geography 

In our humanities lessons this week we have learnt a lot! In history we learnt all about how humans during the neolithic period buried the dead. We look at the process of burying somebody and then in more detail at the long barrows. In Geography we discovered why people might live in mountain ranges. We looked at the tourist opportunities in the Alps and then the survival opportunities in the Cordillera in the Philippines.