This week, we learnt about our houses and homes. We looked at different types of houses and discussed which type of house we live in. We also explored what types of materials houses are made from. The children looked at materials and described their textures, whilst also thinking about what makes particular materials suitable for their purpose. For example, we concluded that bricks are good material to make houses from because they are hard and strong. 

In writing, we have been applying our phonics knowledge to write initial sounds. We looked at pictures of objects, decided what the initial sound was for each one and wrote the corresponding grapheme. We have also been practising our letter formation, ensuring that we are forming our letters correctly and that they are sitting on the line. To develop our fine motor skills further, we have been tracing over lines and threading string in and out of holes.

In Maths, we have been learning the vocabulary 'total' and 'altogether' as an introduction to addition. We practically counted how many objects there were in two groups, to see how many there were altogether.

We have done lots of outdoor learning this week, including application of the skills taught in our PE lessons over the last few weeks.