In Grammar this week we have focussed on writing in the past perfect and past progressive tense. We understand now that past perfect is used to showcase a complete action in the past, whereas the past progressive tense is used to talk about an action that occurred over a period of time in the past. In writing on Monday this week, we explored the different features of an alternative ending in a narrative, which will be our next independent write before half term. We began the week by looking at a WAGOL and identifying the key features required to write an alternative ending such as a hook, paragraphs, dialogue, ending linking back to the beginning, and short sentences.


In Maths this week we have continued securing our knowledge of addition and subtraction with exchanging. We have challenged ourselves this week by finding missing digits in calculations. We are now becoming fluent in using column method to add and subtract 4-digit numbers. It has been lovely to see some of the children working in teams using whiteboards to answer platinum maths questions together. Our Mathematician of the week goes to Georgia for showing great determination and excellence in her Maths lessons. Well done, Georgia! 


In Science this week we continued our topic 'Animals including Humans'. This week took part in what the children called an eggperiment! We wanted to investigate the impact that different liquids such as: tea, coffee, water, orange juice and coco cola had on our teeth. The boiled eggs represented human teeth with the shell representing the hard enamel. The following day we observed how the eggs had changed, below are some of the images that we took. We found that the pure orange juice had the most visible impact as the shell of the egg had started to break down. We predicted that the egg in the water would remain unchanged as we knew that water doesn't contain sugar.  This was a fantastic experiment which helped year 4 to understand tooth decay and why brushing our teeth is very important!