In English this week we have been working on writing a character description. Earlier in the week we completed a guided write for Daddy Bear describing both his appearance and personality. We worked to include all the features of a sentence including capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. We then complete our first independent write for Goldilocks. We were amazed with the children's writing! They have included everything they have been taught over the last three weeks.


To begin the week we focused on representing numbers to 20. In doing so, we used a variety of concrete resources, numbers and written words. Following this, they applied this to pictorial questions as well as problem solving and reasoning. Finally we end the week by finding one more and one less practically. 


In history, we have been looking at our family trees. We looked at grandparents, parents and siblings. We discovered that the oldest relatives are at the top of the tree, whereas the youngest are at the bottom. 


In science, we have been looking on our senses. This week we focused on the sense of sight. We investigated how light effects how we see and how distance effects how we see. We had lots of fun completing these investigations


In art, we have been learning about Jackson Pollock. We experimented with shades (adding black to a colour) and created an art piece inspired by his art work.