This week, we have explored Scandinavia, learnt about global biomes and sequenced key events from a text. Intrigued? Read on to find out more. 

In History this week, we dissected the reasons Vikings left Scandinavia. We learnt that there were four key reasons they set sail across the North Sea to Anglo-Saxon Britain including: marriage cultures, inheritance law, infertile land and the politics of King fair hair. 

We started our lesson with showing why Alfred was so great! 

In Maths, we have been using bar models and part whole models to achieve our objective of adding and subtracting. We used these models to support our understanding. Look at our wonderful working wall which supports our learning!

In English, we have started our writer’s journey to a narrative retell. First, we sequence the events of the story. Then, we generated vocabulary to support each key event.

We enjoyed learning about the biomes of the world in Geography. Specifically, as our topic is the Amazon rainforest and river, we researched tropical rainforest biomes. We learnt that the climate is hot and humid there and perfect for growth. This is what makes this biome the most biodiverse terrestrial biome of all.