Image of Jack and the Mermaid Lagoon
26 April 2024

Jack and the Mermaid Lagoon

This week we have planned to write an alternative version of Jack and the Beanstalk! The children thought of some great ideas. We have changed the Giant to a Mermaid and instead of a beanstalk, Jack will dive into a crystal, clear lagoon to the Mermaid’s castle!

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Image of Forest School
22 April 2024

Forest School

Today we have enjoyed bug hunting, mud painting, making wands by tying knots and making observational drawings of insects. 

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Image of Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!
19 April 2024

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Last week we learnt about the physical features of the seaside and this week we are learning about the human features. We were able to draw on our own experiences from the Seaside and enjoy the images and discussions about the following - lighthouse, promenade, pier, arcades and lifeboats.

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Image of Jack and the Beanstalk
17 April 2024

Jack and the Beanstalk

We have worked in groups to create an adjective word bank to help us to describe Jack, the Giant and the Beanstalk. We can use these to support our writing! 

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Image of Spring Spies!
17 April 2024

Spring Spies!

We are learning about the season Spring! Today we have watched a video about nature in Spring and the changes that have happened from Winter. We have made observations about the plants and animals and recorded them in our books. Our minds are blooming with new knowledge!

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Image of Science Day
15 March 2024

Science Day

We enjoyed a Science assembly as part of our celebrations for British Science Week. The Science Boffins wowed us with some exciting demonstrations, including chemical reactions and the how different forces act upon objects. We all participated brilliantly and it was so lovely to see the children's…

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15 March 2024

Finding our favourite Dipper!

Year 1 have spent their DT lesson using their senses to find their favourite dipper . They tasted cucumber, breadstick, carrot and tortilla crisps! Their firm favourite was tortilla crisps with 18 of 30 voting for it. 

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Image of Active 60 Festival at Fenton Sports Manor
22 February 2024

Active 60 Festival at Fenton Sports Manor

This week year 1 and 2 went to Fenton Manor to take part alongside other schools. We were able to stay active for a full 60 minutes, taking part in a range of sporting activities. 
We had such positive feedback from the children and it was lovely to see them working as a team and communicating to…

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Image of DT Day
12 January 2024

DT Day

Year 1 took part in their DT day where they created a final project of ‘fabric faces’.

They learnt  how to join fabrics, cut fabrics and created their own design.

everybody had a great day and really enjoyed learning something new.


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Image of Scientists at work!
1 December 2023

Scientists at work!

To end our Science topic - Animals including Humans. We have carried out an investigation answering the question ‘What animals live in our School grounds?’ We made a prediction using our scientific knowledge of animal groups and then used our IPads to take photographs of the wildlife that we found…

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Image of Exploring Watercolour
17 November 2023

Exploring Watercolour

This week in Art we have begun our new Art topic - Exploring Watercolour. We have used the watercolours to try out a variety of techniques and to experiment with colour mixing.

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Image of Anti-bullying week!
17 November 2023

Anti-bullying week!

Odd socks day! Why did we wear odd socks to School? Well the children in Year One can tell you. 

“It is okay to be different. We need to be kind to each other” - Darasimi

”We are wearing odd socks to show it’s okay to be different” - Hamd

”Bullying is not okay. It means being unkind over…

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