To all parents and carers,

I cannot believe half term is here already. The children have had an amazing half term and made rapid gains in their learning. We have introduced even more virtual reality teaching and learning into daily lessons. I am sure your children have told you. After the half term break, we will be offering events for parents to attend.

I am in school Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week so will get to see you all. The children really enjoyed Number Day last week and this week our focus is on E Safety. Please familiarise yourself with the E Safety support on our website to make your home internet safe and to keep up to date with the latest APPs. It is essential we know the risks that children can experience. Y6 will be doing an assembly to teach children about being safe online.

A reminder to parents that the drop off zone needs to be used safely. Please do not block the gates and be mindful of young children below car door high when swinging out. It is essential that this area flows. Should you be blocking the gates, we will ask you to refrain from using the drop off zone for Health and Safety reasons. We ask that parents do attempt to support our walk to school initiatives. On the reverse of the letter are parking areas where you could walk, and this would help your children achieve their badges.

Over the holidays the school will be having some work. We are going to be furnishing the upstairs outdoor classrooms with furniture and purchasing more IT equipment. I am delighted to say that between now and Easter – some classrooms are also having new carpets. The hall will also be decorated with curriculum information for PE, Healthy lifestyles and mental health. The school is looking beautiful.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have witnessed some hostility when speaking with staff in the Reception area. Can I remind all parents that we will not tolerate aggressive behaviour towards staff. They are here to support the school and will not be abused in the workplace. If this is witnessed, it will be reported, logged and relevant actions taken. In reverse, we have also spoken to staff about the professional standards we expect to ensure that staff are respectful to parents at all times also.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or a member of our team. I am available by email Mon – Wed and will respond as soon as possible.

Mrs Knowles and the Waterside Team