To all parents and carers,

This week at Waterside, our Year 6 pupils will be participating in their SATs exams. This can be an extremely nervous time but also exciting for our wonderful children. They have worked so hard for many years at Waterside and this week they get to show how much they have learnt. We are so proud of our children, regardless of outcomes. This is because we know without tests, they are bright, articulate wonderful pupils who have made outstanding progress during their education at our school. I only hope they get the results they deserve for the icing on the cake.

Year 2 have also been participating in their leanring – linked in with their curriculum. They have not even known they have been taking part in exams – to the children we have had challenges. Exactly how it should be.

Unfortunately, over the weekend, I was alerted to the alarms at Waterside going off. The school unfortunately had an intruder. I attended along with the police and Mrs Craggs and I am delighted to say that we caught the offender on site and an arrest was made. Thankfully we were able to provide a vast amount of evidence with our 11 high tech cameras outside of the school building which were clear and of an excellent standard. I have ensured on Sunday, that school is fit for purpose so that the children are able to come into school without their learning disrupted.

We have updated some of our key policies, following consultation. On Thursday governors ratified the latest ones and this week we will be updating our Sex, Relationships and Education policy for consultation. We will also be completing staff training on the SRE curriculum which is due to be delivered to our children in Summer 2. As with anything at Waterside, we will always open the doors for consultation. Therefore, on Monday 20th May we have a consultation evening where parents will be able to book into school should they have any questions, want to see the curriculum for Summer 2 or formal discuss what the children will complete as tasks. This will allow us to create a curriculum that works for everyone in an inclusive and positive manner. Everyone is welcome. The curriculum for Summer 2 will be live online on Wednesday 14th May – after the staff training so please do not worry about content until you see it go live – we have already made it bespoke to our school community.

Any questions pop in or email me on

Mrs Knowles and the Waterside Team.