Image of Patterns!
16 May 2024


In maths we are focusing on patterns. The children have previously explored patterns all around us such as colours, animal prints, wallpapers and on our clothes. 
This week we have looked at making our own repeating patterns. We began with looking at ABA patterns and describing what we see, we…

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Image of Habitats on the Farm
9 May 2024

Habitats on the Farm

We used our fine motor skills to cut around different animals. We then talked about where they live on the farm based on their needs and preferences. For example cows love to eat grass so we know they lived in a field. We discussed together if we were unsure of some animals homes to remind…

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Image of Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats
26 April 2024

Building a bridge for the Three Billy Goats

We worked in teams and used materials including paper cups, lollipop sticks and straws to construct a bridge for the Three Billy Goats. Our objective was to build a bridge that would enable the Three Billy Goats to cross the river and reach the fresh, green grass on the other side! We enjoyed…

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Image of Developing Fine Motor Skills
26 April 2024

Developing Fine Motor Skills

This week we have been focusing on developing our fine motor skills. It is important we are constantly exercising our fingers to develop strength in preparation for holding pencils to draw and begin forming letters.

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Image of Creating the Three Little Pigs' houses using different materials
19 April 2024

Creating the Three Little Pigs' houses using different materials

We used different materials from the story 'The Three Little Pigs' to create our own houses. We used our knowledge of the story to collage the three houses built by the Three Little Pigs - straw, sticks and bricks. After creating our artwork, we enjoyed discussing the suitability of each material…

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Image of Junk Modelling!
19 April 2024

Junk Modelling!

We love junk modelling! We thought about what we would like to build and then independently chose our resources. We thought about where and how to stick them, what shapes may represent my model and enjoyed describing them to our friends. 
We had lots of different models such as rockets, cars,…

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Image of 2D Shapes and their Properties
19 April 2024

2D Shapes and their Properties

This week in maths we have used the play dough to make different 2D shapes. We are super confident with their names and we were able to discuss some of their properties. We focused on using words such as ‘curved and straight’. The children could recall how many sides and corners the shapes had and…

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Image of Designing a house
14 April 2024

Designing a house

We explored different construction materials and discussed which we could use to create a house. We spoke about the properties of the materials and considered their suitability. After this, we drew a plan of our house design. We are looking forward to building our houses next week!

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Image of Animal Textures,
12 April 2024

Animal Textures,

Our new topic this term is ‘Amazing Animals’. We have been looking at different animals this week and talking about their names, what they look like, where they live and if we could have them as a pet or not. 
We enjoyed talking about the animals that we have at home and animals that we have seen…

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Image of Happy Spring
22 March 2024

Happy Spring

Happy Spring! We hope you enjoyed your cards. We have loved learning about the Season and looking forward to seeing more signs.

We used printing to decorate a rabbit on the front of our card and wrote our names. 

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Image of Funky fingers!
13 March 2024

Funky fingers!

Our year two funky fingers learned how to finger knit! With patience and skill we made some colourful bangles! 

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Image of Playing the glockenspiels
11 March 2024

Playing the glockenspiels

We enjoyed playing the glockenspiels for the first time this week! We played along to nursery rhymes, first of all matching the rhythm, and then tapping to the beat!

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