Image of Drawing club
11 October 2023

Drawing club

In drawing club today ,our year 1’s used mirrors to study their faces and created their very own self portraits!

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Image of Charcoal Cave Art
3 October 2023

Charcoal Cave Art

Today we took our art lesson outside to become Cave People. We explored using the charcoal to create lines then used our hands as a stamp to creative negative images. We got very messy but had lots of fun! 

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Image of Amazing artists!
29 September 2023

Amazing artists!

Today we have been exploring different mediums. We have used pencils/handwriting pens to complete observational drawings of the objects we collected last week to create replicas of Andy Goldsworthy’s work. Today we focused on continual line drawing and the results were fantastic. 

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Image of I see shells!
28 September 2023

I see shells!

Today we have practised continuous line drawings of shells! We found it quite tricky to keep the pencil on the paper and not take it off until the drawing is complete. However we were determined to create some beautiful art! Look what we have done.

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Image of Amazing Art
21 September 2023

Amazing Art

Take a look at some of the amazing artwork produced by Year 6 Whales this week! We learnt about the importance of typography in packaging design and then experimented with typography using our first names! 

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Image of Snail trails!
14 September 2023

Snail trails!

Today we have been investigating the artist Molly Haslund, we created our amazing works of art in her style using chalks and black sugar paper. Molly Haslunds art often contain spirals and circles, we started by using a white chalk to make a snail trail on our paper then we filled the spiral in…

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Image of Spirals in the Sun
8 September 2023

Spirals in the Sun

Year 1 have thoroughly enjoyed their first art lesson of the year!we learnt about using our whole body to draw, then practised this drawing spirals outside. It was great to see them choosing to work together to create multicoloured spirals too!

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Image of Zentangle Drawing!
21 July 2023

Zentangle Drawing!

Wow, for enrichment morning, we have created some incredible Zentangle patterns. We have enjoyed learning all about these patterns and having a go at drawing our own. I must say we have some very talented artists! 

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Image of Transition Day Art
7 July 2023

Transition Day Art

This week had a lovely time visiting our new teachers. Miss Olenczuk taught us about the artist Bradley Theodore and then we painted our self portraits in his style.

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Image of Set Design
28 June 2023

Set Design

As I’m sure you know we’re gearing yo for our UKS2 production of Ali Baba, as well as acting and singing there is a lot of other work that goes on behind the scenes to ensure the production looks amazing and runs smoothly, today are stage crew have done an absolutely amazing job getting our…

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Image of African Art
22 June 2023

African Art

This week, Nursery impressed us with their fantastic African artwork! We have been thinking about Kenya, Africa and what it would be like to go on holiday here. We talked about the differences between Stoke-on-Trent and Kenya, such as weather, animals, clothing and schools. We then painted our…

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Image of Observational drawing of fruit
21 June 2023

Observational drawing of fruit

This morning we have created our own amazing observational drawings of fruit in Ducks and Swan class. The children looked at real life and images of fruit to create dimension within their painting. We talked about the countries fruit is grown, what the fruit tasted like, and what fruit is our…

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