Image of Activism Posters!
30 November 2023

Activism Posters!

For the last few weeks, Y6 have been creating activism posters inspired by something which they feel passionate about. We began our artistic journey by creating the canvas for our poster using wallpaper and a collaging method. This effect has been really effective in giving our posters an…

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Image of Sensational Sewing
28 November 2023

Sensational Sewing

Year 3 tried something new today - we used a needle and thread to add to our seascapes in art. Using white, blue and green thread we created patterns to add to our wonderful artwork. We found it tricky and a little bit fiddly but we showed determination and made great progress. Well done! 

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Image of Budding artists
27 November 2023

Budding artists

Year 6 have been creating a basis for their activist art over the past few weeks. They have layered different pieces of wallpaper to create a textured surface before painting it white. Over the coming weeks, they will add important messages and images to their art to convey powerful messages.

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Image of Clay, bugs and mud!
22 November 2023

Clay, bugs and mud!

Year 4 had great fun making clay creatures, mud paint and mini habitats for worms!

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Image of Canvas Painting
21 November 2023

Canvas Painting

Today we began creating our art inspired by textile artists by painting our sea inspired background on fabric. We found it tricky at first but the results were great! 

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Image of Amazing I pad art!
20 November 2023

Amazing I pad art!

Today in computing we used a paint programme on purple mash to create our own hedgehog, linked to our non chronological report in writing. The children worked extremely hard and paid great attention to detail. What super stars

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Image of Exploring Watercolour
17 November 2023

Exploring Watercolour

This week in Art we have begun our new Art topic - Exploring Watercolour. We have used the watercolours to try out a variety of techniques and to experiment with colour mixing.

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Image of Anti-bullying week
17 November 2023

Anti-bullying week

As part of anti-bullying week the children have had the chance to design their own odd socks using their own ideas and full creative control.

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Image of Don’t be a bully! Be a buddy!
17 November 2023

Don’t be a bully! Be a buddy!

Year 2 created some wonderful posters to shout about anti bullying! 

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Image of Hedgehogs!
15 November 2023


We used the leaves we collected last week to use for spikes on our clay hedgehogs.  We knew lots of facts about hedgehogs because we had been learning about them in our English lessons. Ms Barker was very impressed by our knowledge! 

Other activities this week included bug hunting and mud…

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Image of Anti bullying week!
15 November 2023

Anti bullying week!

Today our very creative year 1 children created their very own anti bullying posters and talked about the importance of being kind and friendly. 
Our children this week have been empowered by exploring the meaning of bullying and how to STAMP IT OUT!!

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Image of Lets get messy!
13 November 2023

Lets get messy!

Year 4 ,today, in after school club got very messy! They made wonderful pattern paintings by rolling conkers in paint, made patterns with leaves, hunted for bugs and dug for worms!

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