Image of Climate Zones
13 June 2023

Climate Zones

In Geography we have been learning about Climate Zones. We have learnt countries closer to the Equator their climate tends to be hot and dry compared to countries that are further away from the Equator they tend to be cold and wet. We also looked at the difference between tropical and polar…

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Image of Planning for writing
13 June 2023

Planning for writing

Today, Year 6 have been planning their writing. The children will be producing a first person narrative as Ayesha, the protgaonist from our class text, ‘Oranges in No-Man’s Land’. They will be finishing the story, giving an alternative ending for how Ayesha manages to cross into enemy territory in…

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Image of Marvellous magpies!
12 June 2023

Marvellous magpies!

Year 5 Dolphins have worked really hard today, in sweltering heat, as magpies, extracting setting description features independently. We are clearly nearly year six ready! 

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Image of Super Suspense and Terrifying Tension!
12 June 2023

Super Suspense and Terrifying Tension!

To enable our writing to have appropriate vocabulary within, we looked at how to use suspense and tension within narrative writing. We used skills such as show not tell, figurative language and a range of clause structures to build appropriate suspense and tension up within our writing. 

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Image of Humanist thinkers
10 June 2023

Humanist thinkers

Year 6 have been public speaking as famous humanist thinkers from throughout history, expressing their views on religion. We have shown respect and tolerance in hearing beliefs different from our own and being able to present our knowledge using our drama skills.

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Image of Super summarising!
9 June 2023

Super summarising!

Year 5 Dolphins have used their reading VIPERS summarising skills this morning to help in their understanding of our new text this week.

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Image of Dramatic drama!
8 June 2023

Dramatic drama!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed role playing the lives of convicts at Camp Green Lake, the setting of our class text, 'Holes' by Louis Sachar today. Mrs Edwards was a very convincing prison warden!

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Image of Fantastic floor robots
7 June 2023

Fantastic floor robots

As part of our DT topic ‘Floor Robots’, Sharks class have created an input for our Bee-Bot before observing its output. We were very impressed with how clever Bill the Bee-Bot was following our input!

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Image of Brilliant Bee-Bot!
7 June 2023

Brilliant Bee-Bot!

We took our learning outside today as we started our new DT topic, Programming Adventures. We learned how to programme and control floor robots and even became robots ourselves! We used floor robot programming cards to ‘programme’ our friends to travel across the playground! We really enjoyed…

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Image of Super Beowulf acting!
26 May 2023

Super Beowulf acting!

Year five Dolphins really enjoyed role playing the events of the epic tale of Beowulf today!  We took it in turns to portray Grendel, his mother and the hero himself in battle, searching for treasure and slaying monsters! 

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Image of Indus inspired clay seals
22 May 2023

Indus inspired clay seals

This week we finished our History topic on the Indus Valley, we learnt about all the useful and decorative items the Indus people made. Using the sources as inspiration we made our own clay seals depicting animals and symbols. 

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Image of Never let your past destroy your future…
19 May 2023

Never let your past destroy your future…

What a fantastic Art lesson we have had learning all about the messages behind Banksy’s art. We created our own whole class message and completed our own art work based on that, they were phenomenal!

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