This week have had the pleasure of looking through the children's books, and I was blown away by the progress that your children are making.  They are growing in confidence and this is clear to see in their learning.  Many children are now accessing their year group curriculum and this is great to see.  They are being challenged in their lessons ,and supported through well differentiated tasks.  Many of the children are now beginning to work independently and this is something that we have been working on in school.  

Most of the learning that I saw was well presented and children really do have pride in their learning.  One of the areas that the children still need to work on is their spelling and we have many children who are on the SEN register with this area of concern.  

So, How can you help support with spelling at home? 

Learning to spell for some children can be quite tricky.  At Waterside we beginning the spelling journey using phonics in FS2 and gradually move on to selling patterns at KS2.  

This website is great for top tips on how you can help you child at home. 


Remember that we also run Parent workshops so you can see how your child learns.  

Any questions or any support you need please do not hesitate to contact me or make an appointment with the office.