What is Inclusion? 

I often get asked the question - What is Inclusion? Inclusion in it's simplest terms in Education is where all children are provided with an equal education despite of their individual needs. At Waterside, Inclusion seamlessly weaves through our school and is embedded in all aspects of school life. At Waterside we believe that it is essential that all children are provided with the tools to progress in their learning.

All children on the SEND register receive a learning passport which describes their strengths and areas for support; they receive individual targets and tailored interventions to support them. These are reviewed each half term in line with our Pupil Progress meetings. 

We also ensure that children who are registered as More able, Gifted and Talented receive quality first teaching that is well adapted and challenges them academically.  

Children's wellbeing is also extremely important to us and we can provide children with support with their Mental Health.  

If you require any help or support with your child please do book an appointment to come and see us.