A super final spring term week of learning in Dolphin Class!

Our English learning has seen us continue with our investigations of 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. We began the week by polishing up out modal verbs understanding, before then working on our planning for an alternative perspective. We then completed our extended writes and finished the week by editing and improving our spelling and tense use using dictionaries.

Our maths learning saw us revisit converting measurements in arithmetic - converting between mm, cm, m and kilometres.  We used our knowledge of multiplication and division to help us with this skill.  Our main lessons covered and revisited our knowledge of angles and problem solving relating to this.

Our History learning this week saw us complete our current topic. We learnt about how Aethelfled's reign as the Queen of Mercia came to be. We learnt how she converted the towns of Gloucester and Chester into prosperous trading places, with excellent fortifications, known as burghs. We learnt about the 907 AD Viking attack on Chester which saw The Saxons throw boulders, pour boiling ale and drop bee hives on them from their burghs! We are looking forward to the next section of our learning in relation to our new Queen of Mercia!

Our Geography learning has seen us complete our learning relating to oceans. We began by investigating how the oceans are linked to our climate, discussing the greenhouse effect and how the oceans help circulate warmth around the world in gyres (circular motions).  We then moved on and discussed how people can affect oceans, talking about drift net fishing, oil pollution and plastic pollution.  It has been a very interesting topic and we have gained lots of new knowledge that we can build on with our next topic.

We had fantastic fun in science this week. We learnt all about why irreversible changes occur by predicting, observing and concluding for two experiments. We firstly gained the knowledge needed in relation to chemical changes. We observed milk and vinegar, which were our reactants(starting ingredients), mix together and saw the chemical change that created casein plastic particles, which are mouldable.  The second chemical change experiment we observed had baking soda and vinegar as its reactants. When mixed together, the chemical change that occurred created carbon dioxide, which inflated a balloon!

Have a lovely week, and happy Easter to those celebrating it.

Love from Dolphin Class x