The final week of our second Spring term has finally arrived. It has already been a super busy week with Y3 and Y4 preparing for their performance of ‘What’s the Crime Mr Wolf?’ We are all so excited to watch the children perform as they have worked so hard to prepare for this performance. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


In Writing this week we have learnt all about a new type of poetry called ‘Free Verse’. We learnt all about what a Free Verse Poem is and how they don’t follow a consistent rhyming pattern or meter. At first glance, these type of poems can seem easy however we discovered that careful vocabulary choices and imagery make Free Verse poems so effective. We then looked at different examples of imagery and we then practised using these in relation to a Free Verse poem about the Savanna biome. Manatees came up with some lovely similes and metaphors which could be used in a Free Verse Poem. Well done!


In Maths this week we have looked at halves and quarters as decimals. We learnt that 1 quarter as a decimal is 0.25, a half is 0.5 and 3 quarters is 0.75. We then used this knowledge to compare decimals and fractions and also to find equivalent fractions and decimals. Later on in the week, we did to some times tables practice to help prepare use for our multiplication check in the Summer term.


This week we have had not one, but two History and Geography lessons to ensure that our understanding is secure ready for next term. In our first Geography lesson we learnt all about the popular Spanish destination of Majorca. We looked at different images of Majorca and considered why tourists may like to visit this Spanish island. We discussed that the crystal, clear waters, beaches and shops and restaurants all bring tourists to Majorca and make it a popular holiday destination. After considering why tourists visit Majorca we then considered the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in Majorca through considering things like pollution, litter and jobs for the area.